Temporary WiFi & Network Connectivity For SEE MONSTER

Temporary WiFi & Network Connectivity For SEE MONSTER

"Working with the SEE MONSTER team, we ensured a complete WiFi and network solution to meet their specification."

SEE MONSTER is one of the UK’s large start installations. A retired North Sea offshore platform has been transformed inside the Tropicana in Weston-super-Mare. SEE MONSTER aims to inspire global conversations about the repurposing of large industrial structures and design-led solutions for a more sustainable future.

As part of the UNBOXED 2022 series, the 35m tall 450tonne SEE MONSTER will see thousands of visitors, from the general public to school trips and media. The attraction is free to the public.


The SEE MONSTER team came to Bytes Digital, looking for a local company to install and manage a complete network and WiFi solution for the retired gas platform come art installation.

SEE MONSTER had a significant set of technical requirements, including:

  • WiFi connectivity across the SEE MONSTER installation and  broadcast Studio
  • Fibre cable network back bone across the site
  • Network connectivity on the Helideck
  •  Wireless and wired connections in the Studio broadcast suite
  • Redundancy built into the network
  • Connectivity for broadcasting radio from SEE MONSTER

An important part of SEE MONSTER was to support North Somerset based, local businesses, such as Bytes Digital.

Temporary WiFi & Network Connectivity For SEE MONSTER

Our Solution

After a few consultations, Bytes Digital provided the SEE MONSTER team with a full network plan, detailing how we would satisfy each of their technical specifications and requirements.

Bytes Digital faced many technical challenges, such as a 10m waterfall, thousands of individual metal scales, and 450 tonnes of metal structure to workaround. Not your everyday WiFi installation.

Our expert engineering team, including local apprentice’s fromWeston-super-Mare College, provisioned, installed, and supported a huge WiFi and connectivity network, including:

  • A complete WiFi network for SEE MONSTER
  • CAT5 & Fibre optic cabling across the SEE MONSTER art installation
  • Network connectivity for broadcasting, radio and production
  • Network connectivity to enable advanced learning and education for those attending SEE MONSTER
  • Temporary network infrastructure and mesh WiFi networks
  • Connectivity and communication infrastructure for the teams building and de-commissioning SEE MONSTER
  • Backup power supplies for network redundancy
  • Installation, management and support from our local technical team

SEE MONSTER uses its own Solar Tree and WindNest, redeploying the clean energy generated back onto SEE MONSTER.

“I’m very proud that Bytes Digital are providing WiFi and connectivity to SEE MONSTER. Working with the SEE MONSTER team, we ensured a complete WiFi and network solution to meet their specification. No doubt that our experience with event WiFi has provided invaluable in our solution to SEE Monster.”
Temporary WiFi & Network Connectivity For SEE MONSTER


Bytes Digital’s expertise in the event/temporary WiFi and connectivity industry proved invaluable for this project. Our team are used to working in outside conditions, installing WiFi at festivals and other large outdoor projects.

Working on such a unique structure came with its own set of challenges, but the Bytes team worked hard to complete a total network installation across SEE MONSTER.

SEE MONSTER is an installation to inspire conversation—and an important part of that relies on robust WiFi connectivity from Bytes Digital.

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