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SIP Trunks

Reduce Your Costs and Move Away From ISDN With SIP Trunking.

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Upgrade to SIP Trunks today.

SIP Trunks make better use of your businesses broadband connectivity—and get your telecoms ready for the 2025 ISDN switch off.

5,000 FREE UK Minutes

Our SIP Trunks come with 5,000 Free UK minutes per month per trunk, which helps reduce—if not eliminate—your businesses call charges.

Cost Reduction

Switching to SIP Trunks can save your business money—reducing your line rental and making better use of your broadband connection.

ISDN Switch Off

Prepare for the ISDN switch off by moving your existing telephone system over to SIP, or upgrading to a cloud telephone solution.

Understanding your telecoms

What are SIP Trunks?

SIP Trunks are essentially 'internet telephone lines'. SIP Trunks enable your business to use your existing broadband connection to make and receive calls.

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Features of SIP from a UK
SIP Trunk Provider

Our SIP Trunks are packed with features—designed to help your business get the most from your telecoms and connectivity.

VoIP Softphone App

SIP offers your business greater flexibility. If you move your address, you can take them with you - with no installation required.

VoIP Call Control
Compatible With PBXs

If you aren't ready to move away from your on-premise PBX, our SIP trunks are compatible with Samsung PBX, Mitel, LG-Erricson, Panasonic and more.

VoIP Ring Plan

With SIP Trunks, you can scale your telephony in line with your businesses requirements. Need more lines? Simply add more trunks.

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Disaster Proof

In the event of an outage, our SIP Trunks can be immediately diverted to a separate number (such a mobile), to prevent any telecoms downtime. We can also provide 4G/5G backups for critical applications.

VoIP call recording
5,000 FREE UK Minutes

Our SIP Trunks come with 5,000 FREE UK minutes per trunk per month, so you can all but eliminate your businesses call charges.

VoIP integration icon
Different Area Codes

SIP Trunks allow you to get telephone numbers with different area codes, perfect for businesses with a nationwide presence.

VoIP voicemail
One Point of Contact

With Bytes Digital, you'll have one point of contact for you account, someone who can assist with any questions.

VoIP call centre
UK Support

Don't spend ages waiting on hold. Our UK-based, in-house support team are here to help with your SIP Trunks.

VoIP collaboration
No Installation

Moving to SIP doesn't require an on-site installation or engineer visit, helping you further reduce migration costs.

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Upgrade to SIP today

What Can SIP Trunks Do For Your Business?

SIP Call quality
Better call quality

Give your customers the best telephone experience

Using SIP trunks means that your business will benefit from typically higher quality calls. Because SIP Trunks make use of your broadband connection, they provide you with a HD voice signal.

With HD voice call quality, you give your customers and prospects the best over the phone experience, ensuring a clearer call than analogue alternatives.

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ISDN Switch off
Future-proof your business

Get ready for the 2025 ISDN switch off with SIP

As the ISDN switch off looms, businesses need to get their communications ready for the switch off date.

In 2023, ISDN reaches it's stop-sell date, so businesses using ISDN will not be able to add additional lines—so they'll need to covert to SIP Trunks.

In 2025, the entirety of the UK's ISDN will be switched off, which means that if your business is not using SIP, you will lose communications.

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SIP Trunk cost saving
Upgrading to SIP helps save your business money

Cost reduction with SIP Trunks

Your business could see significant cost saving against traditional ISDN and analogue telephone lines. This includes:

›› 5000 Free UK minutes per month per trunk
›› No individual line rental for separate trunks
›› Multiple channels one one broadband line

Our customers are seeing up to 75% reduction in their call bills, with no need for lots of lines and 5000 free minutes to effectively eliminate UK call charges.

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SIP phone
Our billing promise

No hidden fees or unwanted add-ons

At Bytes Digital, we look after our customers. As part of our billing promise, we never add unwanted extras, add-ons or randomly hike our prices.

You'll have one simple, easy to understand monthly bill for your SIP Trunks—as well as access to your account from our handy online portal.

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Frequently asked questions.
We've answered the most commonly asked questions about our SIP Trunks.
Can I keep my existing telephone number?

Yes, you can keep your businesses existing telephone number(s) when you move to SIP. We can simply port across your numbers, moving them away from ISDN and over to your new SIP Trunks.

Will I get downtime when I switch?

Our expert technical team actively manage your line migration—which means that we put things in place to minimise downtime. This includes number forwarding, in-tandem setups and more.

What phone systems is SIP compatible with?

Our SIP Trunks are compatible with a range of telephone systems. These include, Samsung PBXs, Panasonic, LG-Ericsson, Mitel, Grandstream and more.

What happens if my broadband goes off?

If your broadband has an outage, so will your SIP Trunks. But don't worry. SIP Trunks can be instantly diverted to a backup number, such as a mobile. Alternatively Bytes Digital can provide 4G/5G backup solutions to ensure no downtime.

How much does SIP cost?

The cost of SIP Trunks vary depending on your businesses requirements. In general, with SIP, you only pay for the number of concurrent calls you need—so if you have 3 people on the phone, you might need 4 trunks for example (keep one spare for incoming calls). For a price for your business, click the online quote button at the top of our website.