Hotel Guest WiFi Solutions

Seamless mesh guest WiFi solutions for hotels and hospitality.

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Hotel WiFi Solution

Hotel WiFi Networks

Provide your hotel guests with seamless web and internet browsing with our unified mesh WiFi solutions for hospitality.
Paid for guest wifi
Provide Paid-for WiFi

Upsell paid-for WiFi with increased speeds and more bandwidth to your guests.

Hotel guest experience
Improve Guest Experience

Give your hotel's guests the best WiFi experience and increase positive reviews.

Wifi as an anemity
Seamless Roaming

Roam freely around your entire hotel, with seamless handoff between access points so you never lose connection.

Full Hotel WiFi Coverage.

Our expert technical team complete a site-wide survey of your hotel to elliminate black spots and ensure maximum coverage.

Minimise your hardware costs with optimal equipment placement; and offer hotel guests a top-notch WiFi service all round.

Hotel guest wifi network survey heatmap
Hotel WiFi Landing Pages
Collect guests marketing data

Customisable WiFi Landing Pages

Capture marketing data and keep guests browsing safe with fully customisable guest WiFi landing and login pages.

With built-in re-marketing functionality, you can increase positive reviews and prompt return visits with targeted ad campaigns and emails.

Truly unified mesh networks.

Features of our Hotel Guest WiFi Solutions

Packed with features to provide your hotel guests and staff with superfast WiFi coverage with no black spots.

bandwidth icon
Bandwidth Sharing
Distribute bandwidth evenly between users to prevent bandwidth hogging and ensure all guests have a great browsing experience.
WiFi survey icon
WiFi Coverage Survey
To ensure maximum coverage and eliminate black-spots, our team provide a bespoke on-site WiFi survey of your hotel.
WiFi icon
Separate Networks
Broadcast separate networks, such as a free network, a paid network, and a staff network to separate traffic and improve experience.
Mesh hotel wifi network
Mesh Hotel Networks
Seamlessly roam around your hotel without losing connection—our technology creates a unified mesh WiFi across your entire hotel.
Wifi marketing data capture icon
Data Capture
Capture guest's marketing info such as email addresses and display custom landing pages when they login to your hotel's WiFi.
WiFi installation VoIP
Complete Installation
Our team of highly experienced engineers will work with you to install your hotel's new WiFi solution with minimal disruption.
Managed hotel wifi
Managed Hotel WiFi
Our technical team can manage and support your hotel WiFi solution remotely, with over-the-air management.
WiFi support icon
In-house support
Our team provide in-house, UK support for your hotel WiFi solution, with one-point of contact for any account enquires.
Superfast icon
Superfast WiFi
Provide your guests with a superfast online experience with our fibre broadband and leased lines to power your hotel WiFi.
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WiFi that's built for hotels

Upgrade your Hotel WiFi Provider to Bytes Digital

Hotel Wifi guest data capture solution
Keep your guests coming back

Gather marketing data and boost social interactions

With customisable landing pages, you can gather guest's marketing data and increase social interactions.

Ask for email addresses, phone numbers, names and more before giving customers access to the WiFi. With this data you can promote upcoming offers and asks guests for reviews.

Increase social media reach by encouraging guests to 'check-in' and share your hotel with their friends and followers.

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Hotel WiFi support
Total peace of mind

Proactive technical support

Your hotel WiFi solution is fully supported, so staff can stay productive, and guests can enjoy their stay with no disruptions.

Our in-house technical have remote access to your hotel WiFi system via a secure connection, so we can actively monitor and diagnose issues, often without your guests even noticing.

Rest easy with our in-house support and years of experience knowing that your guests and staff are in good hands.

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Hotel guest wifi
Satisfy the needs of modern guests

Bandwidth sharing

Our hotel guest WiFi solutions are built for the modern era, with high powered technology and superfast throughput.

Providing WiFi to cater to your guests ever growing online needs is a challenge, with online streaming and smart technologies becoming the norm. Our bandwidth sharing ensure's all guests have an equal connection, and avoid throttling and hogging.

Provide your guests with the best online experience.

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Hotel wifi solutions business customer
Offer guests more amenities with their stay

Attract more business and conference customers.

Business customers make up a high percentage of frequent travellers, and they often demand fast and secure WiFi.

Providing a robust WiFi infrastructure ensures a great visit for business customers—satisfying their requirements and often leading to repeat visits and increased revenue.

WiFi is also a vital asset for business conferences held in your hotel, and being able to offer a reliable connection is paramount.

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Frequently asked questions.

Here's our most commonly asked questions about our hotel WiFi solutions.
Do I need multiple solutions for different networks?

Nope. We can configure your hotel's WiFi to broadcast multiple networks, each with their own settings. So you can provide a free WiFi to guests, a paid-for WiFi and a staff WiFi all using the same equipment throughout your hotel.

By utilising the same hardware for multiple networks, you can reduce hardware and implementation costs.

How long does it take to implement?

It depends on the size of your hotel. Implementation of site-wide WiFi can be staggered, which means that you won't have to close during the installation. Our team always strive to complete the job efficiently, but also to a high standard within your time frame.

How many people can connect?

As many as required. Hotels with hundreds of bedrooms will require a different setup to hotels with 50. Every business is different and our team take time to understand your requirements to build a WiFi solution to match your hotel's current and future needs.

How much does it cost?

Costs of a hotel WiFi system vary depending on requirements. Have a think about number of rooms, number of concurrent users, size of hotel etc.

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