Mobile Device Management Software

Mobile Device Management Software

Manage And Control Your Business's Devices From A Centralised Portal.

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A Full Suite Of Benefits

Deploying your business's devices has never been easier. With the help of our mobile device management software, you can keep tabs on your devices from one easy to use cloud portal.

Work smarter with IoT

Our in-house technical team are here to support you. From implementing your MDM to device configuration and deployment.

IoT Cost saving
Device Management

See all of your devices in one place, on one portal. Keep track of location and vital information for all of your devices.

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Time Saving

Save countless hours with automations and repeatable configuration profiles when deploying your devices.

What is an MDM?

Mobile Device Management (MDM) is a software tool used for monitoring, maintaining and tracking your business's devices, tablets, mobiles and more.

With one simple and intuitive portal, you can manage and monitor your devices.

Mobile device management software speeds up deployment, increases security and allows you to better manage company assets. Our dedicated technical team provide bespoke support and configuration assistance to businesses, taking the hassle out of large scale deployments and rollouts.

Our team also offer logistics and hardware distribution to resellers and end users—so you can focus on what you do best.

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A Mobile Device Management Software, Compatible With Any Operating System

Choosing Bytes Digital for your mobile device management allows total flexibility—Whether you're deploying Android, iOS, Windows or a combination.

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Features of Mobile Device Management

Here's an overview of just some of our MDM features that your business will benefit from.

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Kiosk Mode

Kiosk mode allows you to lock your device to a single app. Perfect for restaurants, healthcare, scanning, hospitality and more.

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Fleet Management

View all of your devices and their statistics on the intuitive online portal. Seamless data and device management.

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Automated Deployment

Save time with custom profiles that you can publish to your devices—for a more automated, hassle free rollout.

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Remote Configuration

Push your configuration profiles to devices remotely, to save time and resource when updating your devices.

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Device Security

With our MDM, your devices and safe and secure. Enforced passwords, on-device encryption and more.

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Lost/Stolen Mode

Keep devices protected with lost and stolen mode. Remotely wipe data and increase the chance of a returned device.

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Professional Support

Our in-house team offer support and service for your MDM, whether you need a full hands on approach, or light support for your devices.

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App Deployment

Bulk app downloads make it easy to  download or update apps remotely, or prior to deployment.

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Reporting & Dashboard

Have total overview of your devices with our MDM reports and dashboard—showing you vital information at a glance.

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Mobile Device Management For Everyone

MDM For All Applications And Industries.

Whether you're in healthcare, construction, manufacturing or software, mobile device management increases your security and offers huge time saving when rolling out or updating devices.

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Healthcare Icon

The healthcare sector is one of the largest users of MDM. Linking their clinical devices to an MDM software increases security and helps keep devices up to date.

Devices such as tablets, mobiles and laptops can be remotely configured, encrypted and updated to keep everything safe and secure.

Hospitality Icon

Hotels and restaurants see huge benefits from MDM. Often, hotels implement in-room devices using kiosk mode or single-app lockdown to prevent guests from meddling.

Restaurants frequently use mobile device management for their team to take orders on a tablet, or allow guests to put in registrations for parking etc.

Construction Icon

With hundreds, if not thousands of devices across your sites, keeping them all monitored and managed can be a resource intensive task. That's where a mobile device management software comes in.

Our team currently provide mobile device management configuration to the largest construction site in the UK.

Manufacturing Icon

Manufacturing businesses have been taking advantage of MDM for years.

Keeping their workforce up to date with the latest applications, locking down apps for security and even utilising MDM for their manufacturing machines and devices running the associated software.

Software Icon

Many of our customers are software companies, who offer their clients pre-configured devices sporting their software or applications.

Mobile device management ensures faster deployment for large quantity rollouts and ensures that all of your customers have the most up-to-day app.

Education Icon

Protecting your IT assets is very important, particularly in an era of tightening budgets.

As more and more schools and universities rollout devices for their students, MDM plays an increasingly important roll in education security and asset management for your IT team.

Frequently asked questions.
We've answered the most commonly asked questions about mobile device management.
How much does MDM software cost

The price of mobile device management software varies. It changes depending on the level of support required and other factors. Usually, it ranges between £2 and £5 per device. If you'd like a bespoke quotation for your devices, click the online quote at the top of the page, or give us a call.

Do I have to manage it myself?

Absolutely not. Our team are here to help with management of your devices—whether you need complete configuration and deployment, or just a guiding hand to get your MDM up and running.

What Devices Can I Link to the MDM?

Our Mobile Device Management software supports all the major operating systems, iOS, Windows, MacOS and Android. You can also add other devices such as monitors, printers and peripherals for added management.