Business leased lines

Business Leased Lines

Ultrafast, ultra-reliable fibre broadband for businesses.

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Superfast, fibre optic leased lines for your business.

Unparalleled fibre broadband connectivity with lightning fast speeds.
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Unimpeded Connection

Our leased lines offer a totally dedicated, unimpeded connection.

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Superfast Speeds

Speeds up to 10Gbps are available when you choose our leased lines.

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No Geo-Restrictions

No matter where you are in the UK, leased lines can improve your connectivity.

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What is a business leased line?

A leased line is an ultrafast, fibre optic broadband connection that runs from your nearest fibre connection directly to your premises.

It runs directly from your nearest fibre connection (often a green cabinet) to your premises—providing the most dedicated and reliable form of broadband connectivity possible.

The diagram shows the difference between regular broadband and a leased line. As you can see, the main difference is that, with regular broadband, your connection is shared between your neighbours. However, with a leased line, your connection is totally dedicated—meaning you will not be affected by peak times and traffic spikes.

Unrivalled, unparalleled broadband speeds.

Why choose a business leased line?

Your business could save time, money and frustration when you upgrade to a leased line.

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Unleash your full potential with seriously fast internet speeds.

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Synchronous Speeds

Your upload and download speeds will the the same with your leased line.

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Control Costs

Control your costs by only paying for the speeds your business needs.

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No Peak Times

Because a leased line is dedicated, you will not suffer during peak-times.

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Leased lines have no geographic restrictions. Whatsoever.

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Fully Managed

Our team will manage your leased line, from installation to after care.

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In-house Support

Got a question? Give our in-house support team a call.

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Competitive Pricing

Bytes Digital clients benefit from competitively priced tariffs, get your online quote today.

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Unified Solutions

With VoIP, mobiles, 4G and more, Bytes offer a unified set of solutions for your business.

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Frequently asked questions.
We've answered the most commonly asked questions about leased lines.
Can you guarantee speeds?

Yes we can. Because a leased line is totally dedicated to your business, we can guarantee speeds to your business.

Can you change the speeds?

Yes you can change your leased line's speed. The beauty of a leased line is its flexibility. If you're finding that you need higher speed, we can just turn it up for you—its that simple. We often recommend that businesses start off with a lower speed than they think they'll need, then increase their speeds if they require it.

What are the costs?

The cost of a leased line varies depending on the speeds you require and how far you are from the nearest fibre location. The initial installation cost of a leased line is often covered by the provider, which helps reduce the costs to your business.

What if I move premises?

If you move premises, you have to leave the leased line behind. However, installing a new leased line at your new premises might be a cost effective way of getting superfast and dedicated broadband to your business.

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