VoIP Phone Systems

VoIP Phone Systems

Upgrade to a cloud telephone system from just £10/mo.

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Why VoIP?

Move your business telephone system to the cloud.
Disaster recovery

With our disaster recovery, you can be sure you'll never lose connection again.

Cost saving

Reduce your telephony cost by up to 90% when you upgrade to our VoIP phone system.

Feature rich

Our VoIP systems are overflowing with the latest and greatest features.

Fully managed

With one point of contact and in-house support—we're a company you can rely on.

Free upgrades

Our VoIP requires no maintenance—you'll get free upgrades as they're released.


Our VoIP is super scalable. Got a new employee? Just add a new licence. It's as easy as that.

Features of our VoIP telephone system.

Here's just some of the features your business will benefit from when you upgrade to our VoIP phone system.

Hunt Groups

Have a group of telephones call simultaneously or sequentially.

Auto Attendants

Present callers with a professional menu when they call up.

Music on hold

Play customisable music and promotional messages to callers while they're on hold.

Call Control

Transfer, hold, forward, park, conference and swap calls with the push of a button.


Display all your call information on live, real-time wallboards in your office.

Call recording

PCi & GDPR compliant call recording with 6 month & 7 Year storage options available.

Mobile app

Take your phone system with you with the mobile app for iOS & Android.

Desktop app

Turn your Mac or PC into a VoIP soft phone with our desktop app.

5,000 Free minutes

Every licence comes with 5,000 free UK minutes, pooled between users.

Out of hours

Automatically switch to night mode when you're closed to prevent call drop outs.


Host high quality multi-party conference calls using our VoIP system.


Integrate with your Outlook or your CRM platform for click-to-dial and screen popping.

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VoIP Mobile App.

Take your phone system with you—wherever you go.

With the business environment constantly changing, it is important to be adaptive.

Our VoIP platform comes with a mobile app—so you can take your telephone system on the road with you, wherever you go.

With features including:

› Contacts
› Dial from your extension
› Instant messaging
› Mobile handoff
› Set your availability

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Case Studies

Don't just take our word for it—see what we've done in the past.

Our handsets

Handsets from the leading manufacturers.

With a Bytes Digital VoIP telephone system, you get access to the latest handsets.

Built with the modern business environment in mind, they're high quality, robust and built to last—keeping your business connected.

Frequently asked questions.

We've answered the most commonly asked questions about VoIP for business.
Can I keep my number?

Of course. We can port your business number over for you no problem. Or, if you'd like a new number, we can sort that out for you too—just let us know.

What is the cost?

VoIP is considerably cheaper than the 'traditional' PBX alternative. Using a licence based system ensures that you're not paying for an over-spec'ed system, and gives you greater control of your costs. The free 5,000 minutes is a bonus too.

You can get a more accurate cost by clicking the 'online quote' button at the top of the screen and filling out our online tool.

Why should I go with a VoIP system?

If we listed all the reasons here, this would be a very long list—so we'll give you a short overview:

Up to 90% cost saving, free site-to-site calls, included mobile app, better quality voice calls, no costly system maintenance, no long 7-year lease, better control of costs, 5,000 minutes included, no need for multiple telephone lines, very scalable, low monthly cost, incredibly feature-rich, easy to install, BYOD support, seamless CRM & Outlook integration, no geographical number restrictions, future-proof, highly secure & robust...

Need we go on?

Can I monitor my phone system?

That's the beauty of VoIP—you'll have access to an online dashboard in which you can view lots of statistics and call reports. We can even issue you with a wallboard, for more hands-on phone system management.

Do I need new equipment?

You may well be able to keep your existing handsets. Our VoIP platform works with a variety of handsets from top manufactures including Mitel and Yealink. But if you do need new handsets, we can include them for you in your licence—so you don't need to shell out capital on lots of new handsets.

What our clients say.

We're great—but don't just take it from us.

“Bytes Digital implemented a 4G data solution across multiple areas of our construction site. It’s a reliable and crucial solution to enable our workforce to stay connected while on site. I would have no hesitation in recommending Bytes Digital.”

"The Bytes Digital M2M Sims are crucial in us getting real time data from our lighting towers. I’d have no hesitation in recommending Bytes Digital to any business looking to implement an M2M data SIM solution"

"We recently moved all our mobile business to Bytes Digital and were more than happy with the way the migration was managed."

"Bytes Digital currently provide our business mobiles. I have always been extremely happy with the way they have looked after us."

"We have been dealing with Bytes Digital for a number of years. They have always gone that extra mile to ensure things run smoothly. Their customer care and service is unparalleled, as is their customer support!"

"Before, we couldn't offer the service so potential customers were taking their business elsewhere. Now we're a lot more confident in what we have to offer. It does what it says on the tin, the system we had before was nowhere near as strong!"