Internet of Things

Internet of Things Connectivity

Unleash your business potential with IoT.
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Reliable SIMs

Our IoT SIM cards provide your device with a robust, reliable connection.

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Using the IoT can help dramatically reduce your businesses costs.

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With our IoT SIMs, you can connect wherever you are in the UK.

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Easy migration

You can simply and easily migrate your IoT connections to our SIMs.

What is the IoT?

The internet of things is a network that connects devices and machines to one another.

Using built-in SIM card and networking, the IoT enables the end user to access and control vital information from remote machines in real time.

How does the IoT work?

The internet of things enables seamless wireless communication by transferring data over a 4G network—similar to browsing the internet on your phone. IoT SIMs provide a more efficient, more streamlined workflow for any business.

End user control
Internet of things
4G Network

Using the IoT allows your business to reducing running costs and save time, creating a more cost effective business scenario. With a Bytes Digital IoT SIM solution, you can connect your equipment to your portal with ease.

We will work with you to ensure you get the best connection and the best price - a tailor made solution to ensure your business is as cost effective as possible.

Examples of the IoT.

The internet of things has so many universal applications, for businesses in any industry or sector.


Install telematics black box SIMs to keep track of your vehicles.


Remote CCTV monitoring, door locking and real-time security system monitoring.


Remotely monitor patient vitals and offer remote assistance and care.


Take wireless PDQ payments without the need for a telephone line.


Securely and remotely monitor and track devices from anywhere in the world.

Smart Metering

Record and transfer smart meter readings in real-time using the internet of things.

Remote Control

Monitor and control IoT enabled machines from a safe distance.


Automate operations with real-time wireless data using the 4G network.

Remote Diagnostics

Diagnose issues using data sent to your control centre via your IoT SIMs.
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Is the IoT for my business?

Chances are, your business could benefit from the internet of things.

The IoT helps businesses in all sectors, including manufacturing, construction, healthcare, automation and more.

Why choose Bytes Digital?

We've been in the industry for years—providing businesses across the UK with IoT enabled SIM cards and enabling businesses to work smarter.

✓ Personal service

✓ Dedicated account manager

✓ No call centres

✓ Exceptional after care & support

✓ Bespoke solutions

Need we go on?

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