Temporary WiFi Hire For Events

Hire our temporary and reliable internet access for your event.

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Temporary Event WiFi Solutions
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Hire Temporary WiFi and Internet for Your Event

Here are some of the most important features of our temporary event WiFi. Whether you're hosting a conference or a festival, Bytes Digital has got your connectivity covered.

Location icon
Go anywhere
With 99.9% UK coverage, our WiFi solution can reach far and wide across the UK.
Secure 4G WiFi icon
Our connections are secure, meaning that you can take PDQ payments at your event using our WiFi.
Robust 4G WiFi icon
Our solution uses industry-grade hardware to provide a robust connection.
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Rural locations
Our solution works in rural locations, ideal for festivals or concerts that are 'off the beaten track'.
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Short term WiFi hire
We know that many events only last a couple of days - so you can hire our solution short-term to avoid commitment.
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Simple set-up
Just plug and play. Our solution only requires a single, 3-pin standard UK plug socket.
SIM card icon
For more data heavy usage, we can install multiple SIM cards, ensuring that you have the most robust connection.
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Site-Wide Options
With plug-and-play and site-wide options available, your event is always covered.
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Great service
With Bytes Digital, you'll get your own, individual account manager to look after you. No call centre, no faff.
Site-Wide Mesh Event WiFi Solution for Bristol SU Freshers Fair
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There's two types of event WiFi

Site-wide and Plug-and-Play Event WiFi Rental

Site-Wide Event WiFi

Using a mesh network, we can provide your entire event with robust temporary WiFi.

With access points across the event, attendees can seamlessly roam around, connecting their devices to a large network. We can also provide separate, dedicated networks for vendors or staff.

Site wide WiFi diagram

Site-wide connectivity is perfect for larger events, where connectivity needs to be deployed over a big area. With other solutions available to events including eco-lighting, guest data capture and more.

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Plug-and-play Event WiFi

A simple plug-and-go setup at your event gives your tent, event stand, or small marquee with WiFi and internet coverage.

Using the UK's 4G network, a ruggedised router and an external antenna, you can connect PDQ machines, laptops, phones, tablets and even printers.

Plug and play event wifi rental

Our plug-and-go solution is ideal for individual vendors, stalls and businesses showcasing at an event. With no long contracts and a fixed-fee hire, you can keep costs low and benefit from strong connectivity.

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Short-term Event WiFi Rental Solutions

Reliable Connectivity at Your Next Event

Site-wide Event WiFi
Site-wide connectivity for vendors, guests and staff

Seamless Event-Wide WiFi

Our mesh networks connect devices across your entire event site. With strategically placed access points and router equipment, we can broadcast one network for all your vendors.

With high-end WiFi hardware, your devices are passed seamlessly from point to point, with no drop in service as you walk around the ground.

Whether you're in a marquee, a ticket office, a modular building, or just a field, our event-wide solutions keep you connected.

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Plug-n-play event wifi rental

Rapid Deploy Temporary Event WiFi Solutions

Your hotel WiFi solution is fully supported, so staff can stay productive, and guests can enjoy their stay with no disruptions.

Our in-house technical have remote access to your hotel WiFi system via a secure connection, so we can actively monitor and diagnose issues, often without your guests even noticing.

Rest easy with our in-house support and years of experience knowing that your guests and staff are in good hands.

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Contactless payments at events
PCi compliant WiFi networks

Allow Contactless Card Payments

Provide a PCi compliant network for your vendors PDQ machines and card terminals at your event.

Having a strong network solution in place prevents loss of revenue through 'cash-only' payments, and allows your vendors to take payments using iPads, wireless PDQ machines and more.

With a WiFi network, your event team can also take on-the-gate ticket payments over the internet to increase foot traffic and keep the incoming traffic flowing smoothly into your event.

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Event WiFi Installation
Giving your vendors a seamless experience

Offer Vendors Extra Amenities at your Event

Looking after your paying vendors is important. By adding additional extras such as reliable internet connectivity to your offering helps attract more businesses.

Many of our clients use WiFi as an upsell to their prospective vendors—helping them to sell more stall space.

With a reliable connection at their disposal, vendors can process customers more quickly, which gives your guests an improved experience with fewer queues and a more seamless experience.

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Keep staff and guests connected at your event

Our temporary 4G WiFi is the perfect internet access solution for any size event.
Hire WiFi for events.

Keep your business connected at trade shows, events, festivals and more with our robust, reliable 4G WiFi solution—providing unmatched internet connectivity on a short-term basis.

Using the UK's 4G network and an industrial-grade router, our solution provides fast, unparalleled connectivity to events up and down the UK.

Years of experience.

We don't just send out WiFi boxes—we care about our clients. From a dedicated account manager, to a UK-based, in-house support line; we're always going the extra mile.

We've got year's of experience in mobile connectivity, and it's that experience and knowledge that gives us the edge.

Temporary WiFi for any event, any size, anywhere

Our temporary 4G WiFi is the perfect internet access solution for any size event.
Trade Shows

Our event WiFi is great for exhibitions and trading show events. Many conference facilities do offer free WiFi—but it's often very slow, with lots of simultaneous users. Our WiFi is a great alternative, allowing your sales staff to connect to a secure, standalone WiFi network. This enables them to:

• Answer emails
• Browse the web
• Take payments using a PDQ machine
• Print out information for potential clients
• Send prospect information back to HQ
• Remotely access cloud-based CRM systems.

Festivals & Concerts

Why not set up a temporary WiFi connection at your festival or outdoor event? Our solution is ideal for short-term hire and can be used to provide connectivity at your site office.

You can hook up laptops, tablets, mobiles and even printers to create your own fully-fledged LAN environment. Our WiFi solution also allows you to take secure wireless payments using your compatible PDQ machines.

Often connectivity is an afterthought for music events—with organisers often relying on patchy signal and poor rural broadband lines. With our industrial-grade 4G router, you can remove the unwanted hassle of connectivity and technical issues.


If you're attending or holding a conference, WiFi facilities can be slow—especially at larger venues. We offer our event WiFi for those looking to provide speakers and presenters with a dedicated and reliable WiFi connection.

You'll no longer have to rely on the inadequate WiFi associated with larger conference facilities and instead can focus on providing your delegates with a professional, streamlined day with no technical difficulties.

For the shorter term conferences, our temporary WiFi solution can be hired for as long as is required—with no long term commitments.

Frequently asked questions
Here's our most commonly asked questions about our event WiFi.
Is it a reliable connection?

Our connection uses the UK's 4G LTE network, providing fast and reliable data connectivity direct from the UK's top providers such as EE, O2 and Vodafone.

Am I tied into a long contract?

Of course not. Our event WiFi solution is built around your requirements. Whether you need it for a couple of days, a month or even longer, our event WiFi is adaptable to your business.

How many people can connect?

Our industrial grade hardware enables seamless WiFi connectivity for up to 20 different devices at a time. Of course, this is more than enough for most short-term exhibitions and events, but we can offer enterprise level solutions if you're looking for something with a bit more oomph.

Does it work on the event floor?

Yes. Before we provide your solution, we will do a thorough network check of your location—to ensure you have good coverage on the event or show floor.

Can I use an ethernet/LAN connection?

You can use an ethernet connection. You can always plug a computer or laptop directly into the router using an ethernet lead to increase your devices speeds. Our router has built in LAN capabilities for up to 4 separate devices.