Phone Systems for Small Businesses

Upgrade your small business to a cloud based VoIP phone system.

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Phone systems for small businesses
You'll be in good company...
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Upgrade your small business to a cloud phone system.

It's never been easier to save money and increase mobility. Moving your small business to our cloud VoIP platform unlocks a world of benefits.

Future proof VoIP

Get your business ready for the 2025 ISDN switch off with VoIP.

VoIP Cost Saving
90% Cost Reduction

Switching your small business to VoIP can save up to 90% of your running costs.

VoIP Scalability

Our VoIP system grows with your business, ensuring you're always connected.

VoIP phone systems for small business.

You never need to worry about features, because our VoIP telephone systems are feature rich and cost effective.

VoIP mobile app
Mobile apps
Our system comes with free mobile apps, so your business can take advantage of the full mobility of the cloud.
VoIP call control
Call control
Take control of your businesses calls with hunt groups, auto attendants, call queuing, call forwarding and more.
VoIP features
Feature Rich
Our cloud telephone systems provide your business with all the features you'll ever need.
Free voip upgrades
Free upgrades
You'll get free over-the-air updates to your phone system. No costly maintenance or upgrades.
Building partnerships
Personal Service
We're a UK-based company so you're not just a number. Our team are here to look after you—from one business to another.
VoIP pricing
Simple pricing
Our pricing is simple and easy. No hidden fees, no costly hardware. Just honest and fair pricing.
Phone system support
In-house support
Our UK-based, in-house support team are here to help with any questions you may have about your system.
Account manager
One Point of Contact
When you choose Bytes Digital, you'll have one point of contact for your account. No call centres, no waiting on hold.
VoIP Migration Icon
Simple Migration
Switching your telecoms provider can be daunting, but our team are here to make it as seamless and as effortless as possible.
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We've done this before.

Proof is in the pudding. Hundreds of businesses trust Bytes Digital with their communications—why not join them?

Small business phone systems.

Our VoIP telephone systems are ideal for small-medium businesses.

VoIP telephony

With a VoIP phone system, your business can dramatically reduce it's running costs, while retaining the features that are most important to you.

Our VoIP solution provides small and medium businesses across the UK with reliable, secure and feature-rich telephony—helping you keep your business running smoothly.

Perfect for SMEs

For a long time, telecoms has been considered a costly asset. But this is no longer the case. Our VoIP phone systems use the cloud and your existing broadband connection to provide your business with a unified voice solution.

Our VoIP solution fits with any size business. It's scalable, flexible, reliable and secure. It provides everything a small or medium business needs from their phone system and more.

Frequently asked questions.

We've answered the most commonly asked questions about VoIP for business.
Can I keep my business number?

Yes you can. We can port over your businesses existing telephone numbers, so that you can continue as normal. Or we can issue you new numbers, if you'd prefer.

How much does VoIP cost?

VoIP is typically a lot more cost effective than 'traditional' PBX telephone systems. The actual cost of a new system for your business can vary, depending on the size of your business and your requirements.

Fill out our online quote at the top right of the website to get more information.

Why should I go with a VoIP system?

If we listed all the reasons here, this would be a very long list—so we'll give you a short overview:

Up to 90% cost saving, free site-to-site calls, included mobile app, better quality voice calls, no costly system maintenance, no long 7-year lease, better control of costs, 5,000 minutes included, no need for multiple telephone lines, very scalable, low monthly cost, incredibly feature-rich, easy to install, BYOD support, seamless CRM & Outlook integration, no geographical number restrictions, future-proof, highly secure & robust...

Need we go on?

Will I get support?

Yes you will. Our UK-based, in-house support team are here for you when you have a question or want to make any changes to your system. Just give us a call for free.

Do I need new equipment?

You may well be able to keep your existing handsets. Our VoIP platform works with a variety of handsets from top manufactures including Mitel and Yealink. But if you do need new handsets, we can include them for you in your licence—so you don't need to shell out capital on lots of new handsets.