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Move your business telephony to the cloud.

Unlock a world of benefits when you upgrade your business to a 3CX telephone system from Bytes Digital.

Robust temporary telecoms
In-house Support

Our expert team offer in-house technical support to your business, so you have total peace of mind.

Cost effective icon
FREE 3CX Trial

When you upgrade to a 3CX telephone system from Bytes Digital, you'll benefit from a Free Trial for your business.

Plug and play solution
ISDN Switch off Ready

By moving your business to a hosted telephone system such as 3CX, you're prepared for the ISDN swictch off.

The future is 3CX.

Features of our 3CX Business Telephone Systems

Take your business communications to the next level with our feature-packed 3CX telephone systems. From built-in collaboration to modern desk-phones.

3CX Phone
Modern Hardware

Upgrade your business to modern IP phones—such as Yealinks. Benefit from HD voice and intuitive and sleek desk phones.

Cost saving
Cost Saving

3CX and hosted business phone systems can reduce your companies running costs by up to 90% against on-premise solutions.

Call queueing
Customisable Telephony

Moving to 3CX means that you can fully customise your telephone system, with call flows, custom features and more.

Telephone systems deployment
Flexible Depoyment

Our 3CX IP telephone systems can be deployed in the cloud, on premise, or as a hybrid setup—for maximum cost efficiency.

IP PBX Softphone Apps
Full App Suite

Take calls from anywhere with softphone apps. Seamless home & remote working with apps for iOS, Android, Mac and Windows.

3CX Collaboration

With built-in collaboration, team chat, conference calls, video calling, instant messaging and more your team can improve their workflow and increase teamwork.

Call Menus
Call Menus & Groups

Create a bespoke call flow with hunt groups, IVR and auto attendants, out of hours and more—making sure every caller gets through.

Phone system CRM integration
CRM Integration

Save time and work more efficiently by integrating your CRM with 3CX, for click-to-dial, screen popping, record logging and more.

3CX Web chat
Web Chat

Integrate a fully featured web chat onto your website to increase lead generation, grow your business and generate revenue.

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What is a 3CX Telephone System?

A 3CX telephone system uses your broadband connection to make and receive calls. This helps reduce your line costs and essentially eliminates your call charges.

3CX's versatile deployment means that you can find the most cost-effective telephony setup for your business. Whether that's full cloud deployment or on-premise.

3CX Phone System Diagram

Your Business Phone System. In your pocket with you.

With the power of 3CX cloud, you can take your telephone system with you, anywhere you go. The intuitive mobile app comes packed with plenty of productivity features.

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Take calls on the move
3CX Mobile app
Transfer to your colleagues
3CX Mobile app
Increase collaborative working
3CX Mobile app

Create seamless workflows

Integrate with your Favourite Software and CRMs

Optimise your business with seamless software integration. Allow your team to work efficiently and manage their time more effectively with screen popping, click to dial, call logging and more.

The Benefits of 3CX Phone Systems are Endless.

When you upgrade to a 3CX telephone system, your business can benefit from a whole host of great extras. From higher quality voice to improved productivity and remote/home working.

Cost Saving
Cost Reduction

When moving to a 3CX telephone system, your business is likely to see a reduction in running costs, sometimes as high as 90%.

With fewer call charges, free upgrades, little to no installation charges and a free trial for your business.

Improved productivity
Improved Productivity

With 3CX, your business can increase productivity and streamline processes.

With web chats, collaboration, online meetings, video conferencing, presentations, group chats and more; your team can better keep in touch and improve workflow.

HD Voice
Higher Quality Voice

3CX makes light work of voice calls. By using Voice Over IP technology, your business benefits from higher quality voice calls than traditional PBX.

HD Voice deskphones and headsets also provide the best telephone experience for your users.

ISDN Switch Off
ISDN Switch-off Ready

In 2025, the UK's ISDN network is being turned off. This means that traditional, on-premise PBX telephone systems.

Moving to a 3CX phone system from Bytes Digital means that your business is safe from the impending ISDN switch off.

Customer Experience
Improve Customer Experience

Hunt groups, auto attendants, DDi extensions and call controls means that your customers get to the department they need to quickly—improving their experience while on the phone and giving them a professional impression.

Remote Working
Remote Working

Remote working has never been more prevalent than it is today—with thousands of team members working from home.

Using a 3CX phone system means that your business can provide remote and home workers with reliable comms.

Frequently asked questions.
We've answered the most commonly asked questions about 3CX phone systems.
Can I have home workers?

Yes you can, home working is easy with 3CX. The flexible deployment of an IP PBX means that your team will be able to work from home, or from the office. Softphones and mobile apps allow users to take calls from anywhere, as long as they have an internet connection.

How much does it cost?

The cost of a 3CX phone system will vary depending on your requirements, number of users, connectivity, deployment requirements and more.

Click 'online quote' at the top of the page to get a tailored quotation.

Can I have deskphones?

Yep! We can provide a range of deskphones and handsets, including cordless DECT phones, touchscreen handsets and conference phone solutions. Speak to a member of our team to find out which models are available.

Can I scale 3CX?

Adding users and extensions to your 3CX telephone system is very straightforward. Just let our technical team know and we can provision users remotely with ease—so your phone system can grow inline with your business.