Office in a box

Office in a Box

Temporary 4G WiFi and telecom solution for businesses.

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Connect your business with office in a box.

Using our office in a box solution, you can provide your business with robust, temporary WiFi and telecommunications anywhere in the UK.

Robust temporary telecoms
Robust Connectivity

Using the UK's leading networks, office in a box provides robust and reliable connectivity.

Cost effective icon
Cost Effective

Office in a box is very cost effective for those looking for temporary telecoms.

Plug and play solution
Plug and Play

No complicated setup. Your solution works right out of the box.

What is office in a box?

Office in a box is the latest in rapid deploy telecoms solutions—providing a virtual landline & wifi to any remote site.

The Bytes Digital office in a box solutions is designed around ease of use and portability. With only two core pieces of hardware (three if you choose the optional antenna for a stronger signal), you can turn any space into a fully-fledged office environment.

Ideal for events, construction sites, temporary offices, disaster recovery or even as an interim while you're moving offices.

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Why choose office in a box?

No contract

Temporary, short-term contracts ensure you're not paying over the odds.

Multiple networks

With tariffs from the top networks, you're always getting the best deal.

Simple set up

Three pieces of hardware, just plug them together and get connected.

Cost effective

Office in a box is more cost effective than a short-term fixed line.

No fixed line

No need to provision a fixed line with a long contract.

Available for hire

If you only need office in a box for a short time, you can hire it from us.

Quick deployment

We can get office in a box to your site in as little as 48 hours.

Local number

We can provision a local number for your office in a box.

Account manager

You'll get a dedicated account manager, who will look after your solution.

How does it work?

Office in a box uses 3 pieces of hardware to give you temporary internet and voice connectivity.

Office in a box works uses an industrial grade 4G router and 4G SIM card. This 4G connection allows you to set up a wifi network—giving you the ability to browse the web, check emails and more.

This is much faster and more flexible than provisioning a broadband and landline to the site.

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Office in a box is an ideal solution for temporary telecoms.

Our office in a box solution provides any construction site with connectivity and telephony with only two core pieces of hardware.

It's as simple as plug-and-play. Just unbox your solution and set it up to turn your site office or portacabin into a connected, online office environment.

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Temporary Office

With office in a box, you can stay connected where ever, whenever. With the simple 'plug and play' set up, you never need to worry about line rentals and fixed term contracts again.

Ideal for those with a small team who need a reliable connection and a landline phone, office in a box gives you full flexibility at a competitive price.

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Office in a box is ideal for festivals, exhibitions, art instalments and many other events where internet connectivity is a must. Our solution allows you to connect any device to the internet without the need for a broadband connection. This can be handy for taking mobile bookings and PDQ card machine payments.

Office in a box also gives you a cordless handset for inbound and outbound calls without the need for a land line phone or analogue line.

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Disaster Recovery

Office in a box is ideal for telecom disaster recovery. It's simple instalment and reliable connection, means you can stay connected. With office in a box, you can have wifi connectivity and a landline phone whilst your infrastructure is being fixed, meaning that you never lose business.

With your 24 hour deployment time, we can substantially minimise the impact of a telecoms failure on your business.

Got a question?

Office in a box is a unique solution, so take a look through our most frequently asked questions to find out more.

Am I tied into a long contract?

Nope—of course not. With our office in a box solution, you'll benefit from flexible contract terms. This means that you don't have to sign up for long 12 month or 24 month contract terms (unless you require it for that long).

How much does it cost?

The cost all depends on your business. We work closely with our clients to come to a price that suits their budget. Our flexible tariffs allow you to adjust the data, decreasing the price using analytics from your past usage. We'll put bars on to prevent bill shock and closely monitor your tariff to make sure you're getting the best deal.

You can get your online quote by clicking the button in the top right of the screen.

What if I have poor 4G signal?

Not a problem. We can provide you with an antenna in the box. This plugs straight into the router and allows you to enhance your 4G signal. We've put our solutions in the middle of the countryside, in basements, in portacabins and more—and we're yet to find a place that we can't cover.

What 4G network do you use?

We use the three main UK networks to provide 4G to our customers. That includes O2, Vodafone and EE. The ability to use any of these three networks gives you access to more competitive data tariffs, and better UK-wide coverage.

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