CCTV Systems For Business

Business-Grade, Cloud CCTV Systems and Installation

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CCTV Protects Your
Business Assets

With our commercial CCTV solution, your business is always protected—giving you total peace of mind.

Guest WiFi
Temporary Or Permanent

Whether you're protecting your office, construction site or event, our team are experience in both temporary and permanent installations.

Expert Installation

From CCTV surveys to installation and training, our in-house CCTV engineers are here to ensure your businesses CCTV system running smoothly.

Capture Guest Data
24/7 Protection

Protect your business with 24/7 CCTV monitoring, motion detection, tripwires and infrared nigh vision—all viewable on the user friendly dashboard or app.

Business-Grade CCTV Cameras

Meet the cameras—ultra HD with a plethora of built-in features to protect your business.
  • Ultra HD 4K video

  • Two-way sound

  • Infrared nightvision

  • Motion detection  

  • Anti-glare and fog technology

  • Number plate recognition

  • Connects to the cloud platform

4G WiFi Hardware

Benefits of Business CCTV

Keep your business safe and secure—and add deterrence and preventative measures to your vital assets.

CCTV mobile app
Mobile App

You'll have access to your CCTV system through our mobile app—so your business is available in the palm of your hand.

Multi-Camera Setup

Eliminate black-spots and dead zones with a multi-camera setup—with equipment positioned strategically around your location.

Dashboard icon
Online Dashboard

View all of your CCTV on our user-friendly, online dashboard. No external software or on-site video storage required.

Pan Tilt Zoom Icon
Pan Tilt Zoom

Keep all angles covered with tilting, panning and zooming. TPZ CCTV cameras offer complete coverage of your business.

Project management icon
Project Management

From consultation and survey to installation and after care, our team are here to look after you and your CCTV system.

Motion detection icon
Motion Detection

Make sure you never miss a moment with customisable motion detection and tripwires—alerting you of any events.

Sound icon
2-Way Sound

Use your businesses CCTV system as a communication tool with two-way sound recording and broadcasting.

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Managed Service

Bytes Digital provide an end-to-end managed CCTV service. Providing 5-star rated after-care and support.

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Using infrared technology, our CCTV systems record HD video at night—ensuring you're always protected.

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CCTV For All Businesses, Sectors & Industries

CCTV is an increasingly commonplace solution—helping you protect your business.

We provide CCTV solutions to businesses of all shapes and sizes, from single-camera setups to huge complexes and campuses.

Retail icon

The retail sector is one of the widest adopters of CCTV—protecting your shop front and stock levels. Having HD CCTV also protects your staff.

Office icon

Away from the office? Keep things secure with a business-grade CCTV system allows you to keep an eye from a distance, protect your staff and assets.

Warehouse Icon

Protecting warehouse and storage stock is vitally important. CCTV systems that cover internal and external both protect and deter potential criminals.

Events Icon

CCTV is vital for events and festivals—keeping attendees and staff safe. Why not pair it with our event WiFi solution for the best communications solution.

Hospitality Icon
Hotels & Hospitality

Protecting your staff and guests is paramount in any hospitality environment. Our CCTV systems provide internal and external coverage for maximum security and deterrence.

Healthcare icon

A reliable CCTV system keeps patients and staff safe and protects your equipment. From corridor monitoring and real-time alerts to outdoor and break in deterrence.