GPS Vehicle & Fleet Tracking

Online fleet management, telemetry & GPS tracking solution.

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Reduce your costs with our fleet management portal.

Fleet management and GPS tracking can dramatically reduce your businesses running costs—from fuel savings to time savings.

Work smarter with IoT
Working Smarter

Using our vehicle tracking solution, your business can work smarter and make data-driven decisions about your fleet.

IoT Cost saving
Cost Management

You can use GPS vehicle tracking to decrease fuel costs, increase efficiency, reduce idling and save money.

Migrate to IoT
Live Data

Our GPS vehicle tracking platform provides you with live data, 24 hours a day to your mobile or desktop.

Manage your fleet costs more effectively.

Using our online and mobile portal, you can manage your fleet costs. From mpg to CO2 and even idling.

Using the data provided by our powerful software, your team can make data-driven decision to increase operational efficiecny.

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Enterprise level, feature rich GPS fleet management.

Our fleet management and GPS tracking solution gives your business access to a wide range of vital features.
Portal icon

Online portal

Get the full overview of your entire vehicle fleet using our online portal.

Networks Icon

Multiple networks

With tariffs from the top networks, you're always getting the best deal.

Local icon

Set up custom geo-fences to keep an eye on your vehicles.

Cost control icon
Cost control

Get better control of your costs by ensuring a streamlined operation.

Status icon
Vehicle status

Get data on fuel, speed, millage, engine parameters and more.

Report Icon

Download detailed reports on driver and vehicle information.

Data icon
Real-time data

Your GPS tracking is done in real-time using our data SIMs.

Installation Icon
Installation Included

We'll install our fleet management solution on your vehicles for you.

Account managr icon
Account management

With Bytes Digital, you'll have one, dedicated point of contact.

Intuitive and simple GPS vehicle and fleet tracking.

The online portal allows you to manage and view your fleet of vehicles, no matter where they are in the world—right from your web browser or mobile app.

GPS vehicle tracking can dramatically reduce your costs, by ensuring operational and logistical efficiency.

Fleet management

Fully-featured fleet tracking.

Our solution is more than just a tracker on a vehicle.

Not only can you manage your entire fleet of vehicles with our GPS tracking software, but much more including...

  • › Fuel level tracking

  • › Speed and average mph

  • › Distance travelled

  • › Time spent idling

  • › Door opens/closes

  • › Driver work time

  • › Location of vehicle

  • › And more

Frequently asked questions.
Here's the most frequently asked questions about our fleet management solution.
How do I view all of my tracking data?

You'll have access to an online portal—where you can login and view all of your fleet's tracking and vehicle data. From GPS location to fuel levels and even door closes/opens. You can also view all of this data on the go through your smartphone.

How do I install the trackers?

You don't need to worry about installing the fleet management trackers on your vehicles. Our team are here to help. We can send out an engineer to install and setup your solution for you—with minimal hassle.

What is the cost of GPS vehicle tracking?

There are a variety of different factors that contribute to the cost of our solution. If you're looking for an accurate price for your fleet, click the 'online quote' button at the top of the page.

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