Construction Site WiFi Solution for Thirdway

Construction Site WiFi Solution for Thirdway

"Bytes Digital have always kept us solidly connected and online without any issues"

Thirdway are a commercial fit-out company, focusing on building offices and spaces that encourage engagement and culture within their client’s organisations.


Thirdway came to Bytes Digital looking for a reliable, temporary WiFi solution for their construction sites. With large scale projects, including the design and fit-out of major office and workspace developments, WiFi connectivity for the the teams at Thirdway’s construction sites was critical.

With clients frequently attending the site for meetings, the WiFi solution had to be fast and resilient—taking into account the requirements of site teams, but also the requirements of the all important clients.

Construction Site WiFi Solution for Thirdway

Our Solution

With reliability in mind, Bytes Digital recommended our business-grade construction site WiFi solution

The solution offers business-grade connectivity but with no installation or complicated setup.

  • Plug-and-play 4G WiFi routers, offering fast LTE connectivity to Thirdway’s site teams and clients
  • The ability for Thirdway to move routers around the site as required
  • Flexible deployment as Thirdway do not need a permanent WiFi solution on site
  • Support and remote maintenance from our in-house technical team, with remote access to Thirdway’s 
  • Dual SIM support across multiple networks

The built-in redundancy came in very hand after a large O2 outage in the area left Thirdway with no connectivity, a quick call to our support team and we remotely switched them over to their backup Vodafone SIM, meaning business could continue as normal.

“Although our business and requirements for Bytes Digital is one of a temporary solution in terms of Wi-Fi connectivity, it is imperative that we not only keep the site team connected but also Clients alike given the nature and scale of projects undertaken by the business. As such, Bytes Digital have always kept us solidly connected and online without any issues to enable us to concentrate on the project at hand.”
Construction Site WiFi Solution for Thirdway


Since the implementation of the solution, Thirdway has chosen Bytes Digital to support their connectivity requirements at multiple sites across the UK—allowing their design and build teams to focus on what they do best.

With ongoing support and maintenance, our construction site WiFi solution has “always kept [Thirdway] solidly connected and online without any issues”.

This indispensable solution has enabled the teams at Thirdway have total peace of mind that their site connectivity is covered.

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