Connect the Classroom Funding

DfE Connect the Classroom

Funding to improve internet and WiFi connectivity in Schools and Colleges across the UK.

WiFi Systems for Schools

Upgrade Your School's WiFi Technology

The DfE Connect the Classroom Scheme specifically focuses on Upgrading your school's network infrastructure.

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DfE Connect the Classroom

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Bytes Digital are a 5-Star rated supplier, with decades of experience in providing WiFi solutions to Schools and Colleges.

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Solutions For Everyone

We offer a range of WiFi and connectivity solutions to schools, whether you're a small local primary, or a large college conglomerate.

Unlock DfE Funding

Bytes Digital will work with your school to ensure you meet the strict criteria of the Connect the Classroom Funding Scheme.

Expertly Installed

With decades of experience, our engineering team offer a bespoke installation experience to suit your needs—whether in term time or not.

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Utilising the DfE Connect the Classroom Funding has never been easier.

We're here to help your school secure the funding you need to upgrade your school's WiFi and connectivity infrastructure via the Connect the Classroom Funding Scheme.

With a FREE, no obligations consultation, our team complete a site WiFi survey at your school—and use the results to craft a bespoke solution to your requirements, and importantly, meet the criteria of the DfE Connect the Classroom Funding.

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Department for Education Priority Education Investment Areas (EIAs)

Funding for schools across the country.

This map shows the Government defined Education Investment Areas (EIAs).

Broken down into three categories, these areas define the main criteria for eligibility for the DfE Connect the Classroom grant.

If your school is in one of these areas, and do not meet the Government's WiFi connectivity standard, then get in touch with a member of our team to arrange your WiFi Survey and start the ball rolling to claim your DfE funding.

If you're unsure whether you meet the connectivity standard, our team can help. We'll offer no obligations advice, and can work out whether you meet the standard or not.

Red - All publicly funded schools are eligible for the Connect the Classroom funding

Yellow - All publicly funded schools are eligible for the Connect the Classroom funding

Blue - All publicly funded schools with 'requires improvement' or 'inadequate' Ofsted rating are eligible for the Connect the Classroom funding

Let the DfE upgrade your school's WiFi

Everything You Need to Know About Connect the Classroom.

What is DfE Connect the Classroom

What is the DfE Connect the Classroom Funding Scheme?

The Department for Education 'Connect the Classroom' funding scheme is a pot of money set aside to help improve the WiFi, internet and network connectivity infrastructure at schools across the UK.

The DfE have assigned £180m for schools and colleges to make improvements to their network and WiFi equipment. Every qualifying school is entitled to their share of the funding.

In a post-COVID world, technology has become an increasingly important element of learning and teaching. With iPads, laptops and BYOD becoming more common in schools, there is more strain than ever put on WiFi connectivity.

The aim of the DfE Connect the Classroom Scheme is to bring schools up to the WiFi connectivity standards.

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Does my school qualify for connect the classroom

Does My School Qualify for Connect the Classroom?

The Department for Education has been sending emails to all schools that qualify for Connect the Classroom funding. So check your emails first.

In order to qualify for the DfE Connect the Classroom funding, your school must be in:
› An education investment area and have an Ofsted rating of ‘requires improvement’ or ‘inadequate’
› A priority education investment area

To be eligible for funding, your schools existing WiFi infrastructure must fall below the Government guidelines on WiFi connectivity standards.

Not sure if you're eligible? Get in touch with our team today on 01275 867 670 to find out if you meet the criteria for DfE funding.

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How can I get connect the classroom funding

How Can I Take Advantage of Connect the Classroom?

In order to benefit from the DfE Connect the Classroom Funding Scheme, you must present the Department for Education with a robust proposal to improve your school's WiFi network and internet.

Step 1 - Ensure you're eligible (speak with our team if you're unsure)
Step 2 - Book a site survey from our experts
Step 3 - We'll put together a bullet-proof proposal for your school
Step 4 - Submit the proposal to the DfE
Step 5 - Get funding and we'll install the solution

Our team have years of experience crafting bespoke WiFi proposals to meet our customer's requirements—and we'll take time to ensure that your proposal meets all the demands of the DfE, unlocking the grant for your school.

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DfE Connect the Classroom

What is the DfE Connect the Classroom Funding for?

According the the Government Website, the DfE Connect the Classroom funding is specifically "to improve internet speed in schools. This is done by upgrading wifi access points and network switches."

As more businesses and industries rely on tech, it is important that schools keep up to date with the most modern equipment and connectivity—ensuring students have the best environment for learning.

By upgrading networking and WiFi infrastructure, your school is ready for the digital future of interactive learning, BYOD and connected education.

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Helping Your School Secure Connect The Classroom Funding

Our dedicated team are here to help you secure the funding you need to upgrade your school's WiFi and connectivity.
Why choose Bytes Digital?

Our UK-based team offer a one-to-one service. Helping you through every step of the process, from consultation to project management, delivery and aftercare.

As a family owned business, we care about our customers, ensuring that they're getting the best solution and service. We believe our 5-star rated service and support speaks for itself.

Meeting the DfE Criteria

The Connect the Classroom Funding criteria is a minefield, but we're here to guide you through it. We'll take the hassle out of upgrading your WiFi connectivity infrastructure.

Our team have years of experience providing WiFi solutions to schools, and can ensure that our proposal meets the DfE Connect the Classroom criteria.

Frequently asked questions.

Here's our most commonly asked questions about DfE connect the classroom.
How much can my school claim?

The DfE will confirm the exact amount of funding your school can receive once the procurement process is complete. The first step is to get the survey and the proposal together—enabling you to apply for the funding.

Can you install in the half term or holidays?

Absolutely. We usually recommend that you upgrade your WiFi or network infrastructure during the holiday period, which ensures minimal disruption to your school. However, our engineers are experienced in installing discretely during school hours if this is the only option available.

What if I'm part of a multi-academy trust?

Multi-academy trusts are eligible for the DfE connect the classroom funding. As long as you fall under the Governments eligibility criteria, then all schools within your trust could benefit from the funding.

We'd recommend a survey at each site within the trust to put together a proposal to maximise the funding available to you.