Temporary 4G WiFi for Offices

If you're moving offices, our temporary 4G WiFi solution can ensure you don't lose connectivity.

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Temporary WiFi for your office.

Ideal for moving premises, helping improve connectivity and more.

Moving premises.

Keep your business connected at trade shows, events, festivals and more with our robust, reliable 4G WiFi solution—providing unmatched internet connectivity on a short-term basis.

Using the UK's 4G network and an industrial-grade router, our solution provides fast, unparalleled connectivity to events up and down the UK.

4G WiFi.

Our industrial grade 4G router provides strong, robust connectivity to your business, ensuring that you're always online. We can also supply an antenna signal booster, if you're worried about patchy 4G coverage.

We have access to the UK's largest 4G networks, which means we can get you the best deal at the best price. We also craft tariffs to suit your requirements, so you're not paying over the odds for data you wont use.

4G WiFi Key Features.

Our temporary office WiFi has lots of great features.
Temporary contracts
With our solution, we won't tie you into a long contracts. We'll just provide the service for as long as it's required.
No technical installation or rollout. Just plug the router in and connect your devices as you normally do.
Fast deployment
We can get your temporary office WiFi solution to anywhere in the UK in as little as 24 hours.
No lead times
It's fast and simple, we keep lead times short to ensure you get the solution as quickly as possible.
Fast 4G
With our 4G data tariffs, customers have experienced speeds rivalling that of fixed-line services.
Plug & play
Once you've got your temporary office WiFi, you can plug it into a standard UK socket. No fiddly installation required.
Double the SIM
If you have lots of users, we can supply dual SIM routers to provide you even more robust connectivity.
In house support
Our dedicated team are here to help with any queries or questions. No call centres, just a UK-based team.
Our temporary office WiFi solution scales to fit any size business—no matter how many employees you have.

Frequently asked questions.

Got another question about our temporary office WiFi? Give us a call.
Is there a long contract?

Absolutely not. We will provide you with the solution for as long as you require. That's the beauty of it. You're not tied into 24 month contracts, if you only need it for a few months.

What are the speeds?

With our 4G data SIMs, your business could see speeds up to 50/60Mbps download. However, the average speed of our temporary office WiFi does depend on your location.

How many devices can connect at once?

Because the hardware we supply is industrial grade, you can connect up to 20 concurrent devices with little to no latency or bandwidth issues. If you need to connect more devices, that's not a problem—we can provide upgraded hardware or multiple routers to split the load.

Can I use LAN cables?

Our router has LAN ports on it, allowing you to plug laptops, PCs and even printers into it. This is ideal if you've just moved into an office and need to quickly set up a local network.

Is it reliable?

Yes. Our temporary office WiFi solution is trusted by businesses up and down the country. It provides robust connectivity using the best network for your area. We can also provide an external antenna if network coverage is patchy.