February 9, 2024
10 Reasons You Need Bullet-Proof WiFi at your Event

10 Reasons You Need Bullet-Proof WiFi at your Event

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Booking an event this year? Don’t forget WiFi. An often overlooked part of events is the WiFi and connectivity. Investing in a professionally installed, high quality WiFi network at your event or festival unlocks a world of opportunities and benefits—not just for you, but your attendees, traders and sponsors.

Here’s our top 10 reasons why your event needs a bullet-proof WiFi network…

1 - Traders & EPOS

When the event site gets busy, traders and their PDQ machines won't be able to rely on the 4G or cellular network. This leads to long queues, declined card payments & frustrated visitors and vendors. Nothing worse than losing money because the connectivity is poor.

With a professional WiFi network at your event, you can keep the queues to a minimum with faster PDQ payments.

Food vendor at an event
Food vendors rely on WiFi for card payments

2 - Emergency Services & Event Control

There's nothing worse than the 4G collapsing, and your event and security/medical teams can't get hold of one another. This is how major incidents occur. With a professionally installed WiFi network, you significantly mitigate this risk and ensure medical and security teams are connected.

3 - Ticket Scanning & Car Parking

Most events have remote satellite points where entrance tickets and car parking passes are scanned or even paid for on the door. These areas are often far away from the main bulk of the event, but still need a connection. Our team use a mixture of satellites, point-to-point and high-speed links to distribute connectivity to gates and parking locations.

With those vital entrances covered, you can confidently charge for car parking and even on-the-door tickets. It also keeps security checkpoints flowing and allows communication between entry points and event control.

4 - Branding & Sponsorship Opportunities

A lot of the events we provide connectivity to use it as a sponsorship opportunity for corporate partners. With customisable landing pages, advertising space and even WiFi names and passwords, you can get your sponsors branding in front of more people than ever before.

WiFi sponsorship is also a great way to generate some additional revenue.

5 - CCTV & Security

Security is one of the biggest expenses for large events and festivals—but it is vital. With an event WiFi network, you can keep your security teams in constant communication with each other and event control for a faster and more agile response.

Security at a festival
Reduce on-site event security with improved CCTV

WiFi also enables a site-wide CCTV system at your event. CCTV can help bring down security costs by covering those vital areas. Our event CCTV provides your event staff with complete control, with tilt-pan-zoom cameras and secure recording.

6 - Get People Rebooking

A great way to secure rebooking for next year is to do it on-site. With an event WiFi network your teams can offer a quick and easy on-site rebooking system. With cashless or contactless EPOS systems to take those ticket payments.

Attendees are less price-sensitive while on-site and as they’re enjoying your event, they’re far more likely to rebook right away.

7 - Generating Revenue

Don't see WiFi as a necessary evil, but as an opportunity to generate revenue. There are many avenues you can pursue to generate revenue, such as

  • Charging traders for their WiFi connection
  • Offering paid-for WiFi hotspots to the public
  • Getting corporate sponsors involved
  • Adding WiFi to VIP areas or luxury camping facilities

There are so many ways you can add value with a good WiFi network. Many of our events charge their vendors and exhibitors an additional fee for the connectivity, this often recuperates the cost of the connection, if not making them money in the process too.

8 - Public WiFi Hotspots

At larger events and festivals, the 4G and cellular data networks are at  capacity. This means that the public can’t get on their favourite social media apps to promote your event to their friends and followers.


With a proper event WiFi network, you can entice visitors to key areas (such as your bars and food vendors) by offering the promise of reliable WiFi. You can even capture guest data and use it for marketing/promotional purposes.

9 - Live Streaming

Since COVID, live streaming has been a huge part of events—bringing your experience to thousands at home. HD live streams use a lot of bandwidth, and with a busy site 4G/cellular connectivity is a no-go. A business-grade WiFi networks enables seamless live streaming from stages.


Why not use your event’s live stream as a way to generate additional revenue, by selling access to those that cannot attend in person.

10 - Marketing and Social Media Promo

Marketing is a vital part of any event, and there is not better source of marketing material than when the event is live and running. From quick TikTok to professional photography and videography, giving your marketing team the ability to quickly upload marketing collateral and keep fans up to date.

Social media is also a great communication channel to those at the event. A way to quickly get messages out should you need to. With an event WiFi network, you can ensure this communication channel remains open and monitored throughout the event, even if mobile coverage is poor.

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