April 1, 2022
Festival WiFi Solutions - The Guide

Festival WiFi Solutions - The Guide

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Planning a festival means organising lots of different utilities, from toilets to power, water, and event WiFi.

With contactless payments becoming the norm, and vendors, staff and guests demanding more and more connectivity—having a reliable WiFi network at your festival is a necessary investment.

Bytes Digital have years of experience providing WiFi solutions for festivals, utilising different technologies at our disposal to provide your event with secure and dependable WiFi connectivity.

How Does Festival WiFi Work?

Our team take time to plan your festival’s WiFi solution, mapping out the site, generating heat maps and more.

Most of our festival clients utilise our site-wide event wifi solution, with one network across the entire festival site, allowing users to seamlessly roam around the site.

Festival WiFi Diagram
Festival WiFi Diagram

Our equipment also allows us to configure multiple networks to be broadcast using the same hardware. For example, you might choose to have a staff network, a network for card machines and a guest network. These can all be broadcast from the same equipment, so you don’t need to have three entire networks setup around site. 

Most of our festivals also choose to have on-site support from our engineers during their event, just in case there are any problems, or there needs to be adjustments needed throughout the event.

Festival WiFi Installation
Festival WiFi Installation

Features of Festival WiFi

Every festival is different, from large, sprawling festival sites to smaller, more compact venues. Each one has different requirements—and our job is to help find the best solution for you.

Dependable Festival WiFi Solutions

Before all the bells and whistles, we like to get it right. That means implementing a strong, reliable and cost-effective WiFi network across your festival.

Without a good network, vendors won’t be able to take card payments, staff won’t be able to connect with one another and the overall guest experience is impeded. 

Our custom built equipment and expert engineering team put a lot of time into the planning stages, which means that redundancy, capacity, network planning, delivery and on site support is all ticked off before the event even begins—giving you total peace of mind.

Guest WiFi

Even though festivals are all about living in the moment and enjoying the music, guests demands are always evolving. Many festivals choose to provide an open WiFi network to guests.

Offering free guest WiFi can improve guest numbers, A study by Purple Ai said that “78% [of respondents] said that they actively looked for and would be more likely to visit a place that offered them free WiFi.” Which shows you how important connectivity is to guests.

With free WiFi access across your festival site, guests are more likely to share images and experiences at the festival online, which improves your marketing reach.

Customisable Landing Pages

We’ve all been to places with a WiFi landing page. If you stay at a low cost hotel, and you want to sign into their WiFi, you’ll often need to put in your details to login.

Our festival WiFi solutions often come with these landing pages, particularly helpful if you want to capture guest information, 

Guest WiFi for Festivals
Guest WiFi Landing Page for Festivals

Why not monetise your landing page by advertising businesses or sponsors to those logging on? By upselling this precious piece of digital real estate, you can generate extra income and provide additional adverting opportunities to businesses.

Card Machine Networks

Arguably one of the most vital parts of the of any festival is the ability for vendors and entry staff to take card payments (particularly contactless payments). Very few people carry cash at a festival, and even fewer after COVID, which means that your vendors will need to take card machine payments.

Card machines need a network to operate on, which is where we come in. By distributing a secure WiFi network across your festival site, your vendors can seamlessly connect their card machines to enable card and contactless payments.

Card Reader
Use a Card Reader at your Festival

Social Media Sharing

Recent years has seen a huge focus on social media marketing. The more people that see your festival on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter—and more importantly, see their friends enjoying themselves, the more likely you are to grow your attendance next year.

Utilising guest WiFi is a great way to boost your social media marketing and sharing. With social logins, you can request guests check in at your festival, and encourage sharing of images and videos—boosting your exposure and helping generate additional income next year.

Staff/Vendor Networks

While your team are at the festival, they’ll need reliable communications. Whether you’re in the event office, or wondering around the site, being able to use VoIP, send emails or instant message with colleagues is important.

With one site-wide network, your entire festival will be connected, perfect for roaming across the site.

Connectivity is a vital asset for any business—be it in an office, or at a festival in a field. With so much reliance on WiFi and broadband connectivity, don’t let your festival suffer with poor connectivity. Speak with a member of our team today for more information about WiFi at your next festival.

If you have any questions, or would like some more information about how Bytes Digital can help your business, email hello@bytesdigital.co.uk give us a call on 03331 301 021.

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