April 23, 2020
Get Temporary Internet on Construction Sites

Get Temporary Internet on Construction Sites

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When you work in an office, you expect a good, reliable internet connection to ensure you can work efficiently and with minimal connectivity issues. The same goes for a construction site too.

Just because construction sites are temporary, doesn’t mean that they should sacrifice the benefits of fast, robust and reliable internet connectivity—even if it is on a temporary basis.

In this article we’ll tell you how you can get temporary internet access on your construction site. No matter where you are in the UK.

The temporary internet solution designed for construction sites.

Internet connectivity is so important for construction sites. Whether it's downloading technical drawings, answering emails or even VoIP calling, having an internet connection is a handy, if not vital asset.

The construction industry requires a more temporary internet solution, an internet connectivity solution with:

  • No long contracts
  • 48-hour rollout time
  • Freedom to move around the construction site
  • Reusable hardware
  • UK-wide coverage
  • Fast, reliable speeds

Our solution provides you with temporary, reliable internet on your construction site—without using a fixed line.

The solution itself is very simple. Instead of using a fixed broadband line to provide your construction site with internet, we use the UK’s vast 4G network.

This means that you can set up a fully-fledged internet connection in minutes, using a single piece of hardware.

Temporary internet routerf or construction sites
Temporary Internet router

Our solution provides internet connectivity for up to 30 devices simultaneously. It uses industry-grade hardware that’s rugged and built for construction sites.

We also only provide our temporary internet solution for as long as required, with no long contracts. This means that when your construction site is complete, you won’t have any cancellation charges, or extra monthly fees to worry about.

Temporary 4g internet vs fixed line and satelite
Temporary internet vs fixed line and satellite

How reliable is your temporary internet?

Reliability is a very key issue for a lot of businesses. But with our temporary internet solution, there’s no need to worry. We carefully select the strongest network for your location, and monitor your signal.

If you’re in a not-spot, or a location with poor signal strength, we can provide a small antenna for your router, which boosts the signal and provides an even stronger connection.

Our solution outputs varying data speeds, but they often average a comfortable 15mbps download. But, some of our clients experience browsing speeds of up to 45Mbps.

Benefits of temporary internet

If we had to list all the benefits of our temporary internet solution, we’d be here for ages; but here’s our top five.

No long contracts

We never tie you into long contracts. We know that construction sites are temporary, and so you don’t need internet connectivity on your site forever. Our team use short-term contracts, so that you can pack up and go without additional charges or cancellation fees.

Quick rollout

With the standard lead time at 48-hours, we can order, provision and ship your router to you for next day delivery. It comes preconfigured and ready to go. All you need to do is plug it into a socket and connect your devices.


The nature of construction sites means that your internet connectivity should’t be tied down. If you need to, you can move your internet solution around your site. Just pick it up, move it, and put it down in a different location. Boom. Truly mobile internet on your construction site.

Cost Saving

Using one internet solution for your site can save money when compared to multiple WiFi dongles. The short-term contracts and minimal hardware costs also help to keep your costs nice and low.


As your team move from site to site, they can take the solution with them. When one site is finished, you can take your internet router to a different site, so you don’t need to retrovision or purchase new hardware.

Our temporary internet solution really is the best option for construction sites. Its combination of short term contracts, mobility and simplicity of installation make it the ideal choice for any construction company looking to provide temporary internet to their construction sites.

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