April 30, 2020
The 2020 iPhone SE is the Best Mobile Phone for Business

The 2020 iPhone SE is the Best Mobile Phone for Business

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Earlier this month (April 2020), Apple released their newest, cheapest iPhone—the iPhone SE. We believe that this is the best iPhone for businesses, and here’s why.

What is the new iPhone SE?

The 2020 iPhone SE, often referred to as the ‘iPhone SE 2’, is the most recent iPhone that Apple have added to their lineup. It succeeds the wildly popular original iPhone SE, which was released back in 2016.

iPhone SE 2016 vs iPhone SE 2020
iPhone SE 2016 vs iPhone SE 2020

The housing of the iPhone SE 2 is actually exactly the same as the iPhone 8. This means that it’ll be more than familiar to most users. The iPhone SE uses this sleek body to house it’s more than impressive internals.

The iPhone SE has Apple’s new ‘A13 Bionic’ chipset, which is the most advanced chip ever in an iPhone. The A13 Bionic is pinched from their flagship phone, the iPhone 11 Pro.

When you consider that the iPhone 11 pro is their £1000+, top of the range, high end phone, it means that the internals of the new iPhone SE are up to date and able to take on even the most powerful phones.

Along with the new internals, the iPhone SE also comes with a gorgeous rear camera unit. While it does only have one camera on the back (compared to the triple camera setup on the iPhone 11 pro), it still packs quite a punch.

The iPhone SE takes sharp, crisp and vibrant photos in most light levels. While it doesn’t quite match up to it’s older brother, especially in low lighting, the iPhone SE does still have 4K video and portrait mode as standard.

The iPhone SE comes in three colours: red, white and black.

iPhone SE colours
iPhone SE colours

Why is the new iPhone SE the best mobile phone for businesses?

We believe that the new 2020 iPhone SE 2 is the best mobile for businesses. Here’s our reasons why:

1. Price

Arguably, the best thing about the iPhone SE 2 is the price. The new 2020 iPhone SE starts at £349 +VAT. A brand new iPhone for under 350 quid.

That may sound like a lot, but when you consider that the next cheapest option (the iPhone XR) starts at £524 +VAT. And the iPhone XR doesn’t even have the latest chip that the iPhone SE does.

We know that a business has to watch the pennies, so that’s why the iPhone SE is a great option for your business, especially cost-wise.

2. Features

While features are less important for businesses than they are for consumers, they’re still nice to have. The 2020 iPhone SE comes with a great feature set. From portrait mode to water resistance and touch ID. All not bad when you consider the £349 price tag.

3. Longevity

As with any business decision, it is important to consider the longevity of your mobile phones. As one of the fastest moving industries, smartphones can quickly become outdated. Thankfully, the iPhone SE 2 uses the latest Apple chip (that aforementioned A13 Bionic).

This means that your iPhone SE 2 will be one of the longest-lasting phones on the market. We guess that you should get a solid 4 years of use out of each device. The high quality silicone inside and the brand new chipset means that the SE will offer businesses that future-proof technology that all businesses are looking for.

4. Usability

Other than the price, the biggest selling point of the iPhone SE is the fact that it’s an iPhone. Without getting into the Android vs iOS debate, many people will prefer to have an iPhone. And for a business, buying your employees a smartphone is a big investment—when you consider that an iPhone can be over £1000 per unit.

A great option for businesses is to provide this much cheaper iPhone. The familiarity and usability that come with iOS will mean that employees can get their preferred operating system without your business needing to shell out thousands of pound on hardware.

5. Battery life

The battery life on the iPhone SE 2 is great. Once again, that top-notch A13 Bionic chip ensures that the battery is evenly distributed and that the CPU is being as efficient as possible. That, coupled with the small screen and 2000mAh battery means that you will most likely get a full day’s use out of the battery.

Of course, this is important for businesses. The iPhone SE 2 will provide your employees with enough battery life to get them through the working day and with some to spare. This comes in handy on commutes, or while travelling.

6. Rugged-ness

Out sixth and final reason why the iPhone SE 2 is the best phone for business is down to its strength. You may not consider strength when it comes to an iPhone, but the SE will hold up in most circumstances.

While we wouldn’t recommend this phone to construction businesses, we would recommend it for everyday use. It comes with an IP67 water and dust rating, and because it uses the iPhone 8 body, there are plenty of cases and screen protectors that will fit the phone to protect it even more.

Overall, the iPhone SE 2 may well be the best phone for businesses. Its most certainly the best iPhone for businesses. It’s usability, longevity, rugged-ness, battery life and cost all make it the cheapest iPhone on the market, and a great choice for your business.

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