How to Connect an Ethernet Device to a 4G WiFi Router

This guide will show you how to connect a device using a wired ethernet connection to your Bytes Digital 4G WiFi solution.

This allows you to connect non-WiFi devices such as computers, printers and cameras to the internet using your 4G WiFi router.

1. Set up the router

Before connecting any devices, ensure that your 4G WiFi router is set up by following these steps.

2. Connect an ethernet lead

Plug one end of your ethernet lead into one of the first three slots on the 4G WiFi router.

4G Router ethernet ports
4G Router Ethernet Ports

Please note that only the first three slots are available for LAN connections. Do not plug and hardware into the ‘WAN’ port as this may stop your 4G SIMs from providing connectivity.

What to do if all LAN ports are taken up?

If all three of your LAN ports are already connected, get in touch and we can supply you with hardware that allows you to connect extra devices to your 4G router.

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Please note that this support guide is here to assist users with technical issues. You undertake these steps at your own risk and Bytes Digital Limited is not liable in any way for any malfunctions or other issues caused by users undertaking the steps outlined in this guide. We would encourage customers of Bytes Digital to call us with any support-related enquires.