This is how to Place a Call on a Yealink T46 Handset.

This guide will show you how you can place a call on your Yealink T46 handset and the Bytes Digital VoIP phone system. There are three different methods for placing a call.

Method 1: Dialling using the keypad

Using the numerical keypad, you can dial any telephone number. To complete the call, press the send soft key.

Method 2: Using the speed dials

You can quickly dial a number using the speed dial keys either side of the display. These keys are programmable and customisable, so let us know if you’d like them configured.

Method 3: Dial from the directory

You can also dial directly from the directory. Pressing the directory soft key brings up a list of your stored directory numbers. Navigate this menu using the arrow keys. To dial a number, press the OK button.

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Please note that this support guide is here to assist users with technical issues. You undertake these steps at your own risk and Bytes Digital Limited is not liable in any way for any malfunctions or other issues caused by users undertaking the steps outlined in this guide. We would encourage customers of Bytes Digital to call us with any support-related enquires.