How to Setup your VoIP Mobile App on iPhone

This is how to setup your iPhone and the VoIP mobile app with your Bytes Digital VoIP telephone system.

1. Download the app

Download the Office UC iPhone app from the app store of by clicking this link.

2. Accept the terms & conditions

Read through and accept the terms and conditions. When the popup box appears, click accept. If you would like an email copy of the terms, click the mail icon in the top right.

VoIP Mobile app login

3. Enter your mobile number

Enter your mobile phone number. It must be the mobile number that is associated with your mobile.

VoIP Mobile app mobile number

4. Enter your login credentials

When prompted, enter your login credentials that Bytes Digital have provided you. If you've forgotten your password, contact our support team for a password reset.

VoIP mobile app login page

5. Press 'sign in'

Click the sign in button and you will be logged into the app.

To logout of the mobile app, follow these instructions.

Download documentation ›

Please note that this support guide is here to assist users with technical issues. You undertake these steps at your own risk and Bytes Digital Limited is not liable in any way for any malfunctions or other issues caused by users undertaking the steps outlined in this guide. We would encourage customers of Bytes Digital to call us with any support-related enquires.