This guide shows you how to transfer a call on your Yealink deskphone.

This guide will show you how to transfer a call to another number on your Yealink handset using the Bytes Digital VoIP phone system.

There are two different options for transferring calls.

  • Cold transferring means that you send the call through to the person you’re transferring to without speaking to them.
  • A warm transfer is when you are connected to the other party before the call is transferred, meaning you can talk to them before you hand the call over.

1. Make sure you are on a call

To begin, make sure you're on a call with the person you wish to transfer.

2. Dial the number of the party you wish to transfer the call to

You can do this by pressing the speed dial button of the user you wish to transfer to, or by dialling their extension or telephone number.

3. To cold transfer

Press the transfer soft key and your call will be automatically sent through.


3. To warm transfer

Wait for the person to answer the call, speak to them, then hang up the call and it will be automatically transferred.

If you are already on a call with the person to whom you wish to transfer the call to.

You can transfer a call while you're on the phone with the party you wish to transfer to.

1. When the caller rings, answer the call

This will put the original call on hold, and will allow you to talk to the new caller

2. Press the transfer softkey

This will bring up a menu of numbers

3. Select the on-hold call

Using the menu that is displayed, you can select the call you have on hold. Once selected, press OK and the call will be transfered.

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Please note that this support guide is here to assist users with technical issues. You undertake these steps at your own risk and Bytes Digital Limited is not liable in any way for any malfunctions or other issues caused by users undertaking the steps outlined in this guide. We would encourage customers of Bytes Digital to call us with any support-related enquires.