January 13, 2021
20 Advantages of VoIP in 2021

20 Advantages of VoIP in 2021

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VoIP (Voice over IP) is a method for making business telephone calls using your broadband connection, rather than a 'traditional’ telephone line. VoIP is fast becoming the standard technology for business telephone systems across the UK, replacing costly and outdated ISDN and on-premise telephone systems.  

We’ve put through our top 20 benefits and advantages to VoIP, to show you what your business can benefit from when you upgrade to VoIP.

1. No call charges

Everybody knows what call charges are, and before VoIP, they were very commonplace among business telephone systems. However, with VoIP, you can dramatically reduce, if not eliminate call charges. Because VoIP uses your broadband for your businesses telephone calls, this means that you can benefit from FREE UK minutes, to help your business save money.

2. Modern equipment

With VoIP, you’ll have access to modern hardware and equipment. As the telecom industry moves towards fully cloud-based VoIP solutions, the deskphones and physical hardware that businesses are sed to become more and more advanced. Our VoIP solution provides businesses with the latest in HD voice hardware—built with future proofing in mind.

VoIP Yealink Desk Phones
VoIP Desk Phones

3. No costly installation

Another great advantage of VoIP is the lack of installation fees/costs. With a traditional ISDN telephone system, you would need to have engineers visit site and spend a long time installing and setting up your telephone system. But with VoIP, there's not costly installation or big overhaul of your communications—just another benefit to VoIP.

4. Great for home working

For many businesses, working from home has become the norm in 2020. This has caused issues with businesses whose telephony was not optimized for home working. However, one of the biggest advantages of VoIP is that it allows seamless home working. Using only your employees home broadband connection, they can make and receive calls as though they were sat at their desk.

5. Higher quality calls

A great advantage of VoIP telephone systems is their call quality. VoIP has higher quality calls than traditional ISDN telephone lines. This is because VoIP uses your internet connectivity to make and receive voice calls, instead of traditional analogue technology.

6. Reduced line charges

As we mentioned before, VoIP uses your businesses broadband connection, rather than traditional telephone lines. Without VoIP, your business needs multiple telephone lines, one for each concurrent call—but these lines can be reduced into one single broadband line when you upgrade to VoIP. As you might imagine, rolling multiple costs into one offers great savings to your business.

7. Mobile features (VoIP mobile app)

Being mobile is a very important feature of modern-day phone systems—and it’s something that VoIP does very well. Using our VoIP mobile app, you can unlock a world of mobility for your business. The app allows you to take your phone system wherever you go, enabling seamless mobility. From the app, you can make and receive calls as though you were sat at your office desk.

VoIP Mobile app
VoIP Mobile app

8. Better integration

With digital communication solutions, integration is a key feature. Being able to integrate is a huge advantage to VoIP. With businesses relying more and more on their CRMs and other software, integrating your VoIP might save your business time and money. Features such as click-to-dial, screen popping and more make your business more efficient.  

9. Ready for the ISDN switch off

In 2025, the UK’s ISDN network will be turned off. Openreach announced their plans all the way back in 2017, with the aim to persuade businesses to move their communications to the more modern alternative—VoIP. If you’re still using ISDN in 2025, your business may well start to suffer.

10. Simple pricing

Another advantage to VoIP is the pricing structure. Our simple monthly pricing makes it clear what you’re paying, with no hidden costs or complicated agreements. VoIP is a fantastic way to reduce your businesses operating expenses, and move your company to digital transformation.

11. More modern technology (better than ISDN)

We’ve talked a lot about ISDN, but the truth is, it’s an outdated, old fashioned technology that doesn’t support the modern needs of a business. One benefit to VoIP is that it is modern—meaning that it has been built with the future of digital communications in mind. All this makes VoIP a no-brainer for businesses currently using ISDN.

VoIP Vs ISDN Diagram
VoIP Diagram

12. No lease agreements

While we can’t speak for other providers; we don’t offer long lease agreements for our VoIP telephone systems. Traditionally, you might need to sign into long five- or seven-year contracts, with interest and other charges on top. But because VoIP has simple pricing, there’s no need for these lease agreements.

13. Fully cloud based

VoIP Phone systems use the cloud for their connectivity. This offers a wide range of advantages, but the most important is that it’s universal, there’s no physical on-premise telephone system, meaning that you have access to your telephony anywhere, as long as you have an internet connection.

14. Increased Reliability

One reason that many people are concerned about VoIP is the reliability. However, in 2021, the reliability of VoIP far exceeds what it was 10 years ago. With strong fibre broadband and solutions that have been developed for years, VoIP is one of the most reliable forms of business telecommunications.  

15. Feature rich

Another advantage to VoIP phone systems are their features. Before VoIP, you would need to spend tens of thousands to have a telephone system with lots of features, but with our VoIP solution, they’re all built right in. VoIP provides enterprise level features to SME and small businesses. Examples of some of these features include:

  • Hunt groups
  • Automated attendants
  • Voicemail-to-email
  • Call controls such as forwarding, transferring and holding
  • Call centre applications
  • Softphone apps
  • And more

16. Very scalable

As your business grows, your telephone systems needs to grow with you. This is something that people often don’t think about when upgrading their telephone system. However, one benefit to VoIP is that it scales beautifully alongside your business. Just add more VoIP users to your system as your team grows.

17. Full technical support

Our VoIP solutions are fully supported. This means that you can rest easy, knowing that your communications are covered by our in-house support experts. With telecoms playing an increasing vital part of every business' operations.  

18. Better flexibility (using softphones)

With a fixed, on-premise telephone system, you're tied down to your physical hardware. With VoIP, your business has much greater flexibility. VoIP has the major advantage of softphone apps, so you can use your computer or smartphone as your deskphone, and take your business wherever you go. This is great for businesses looking to be more flexible.

19. Perfect for businesses of any size

We mentioned before that VoIP is a scalable solution. From one user to one hundred users, the simplicity of VoIP means that it scales to your business. Our VoIP solution is being used by businesses all across the UK, all different shapes and sizes.  

20. Increased collaboration

Our final advantage to VoIP is its collaboration. With more and more people working from home in 2020 and 2021, collaborating with your colleagues is increasingly difficult. However, VoIP allows your business to keep collaborating, with instant messaging, group chats, video and conference calls and even file sharing built right in. VoIP truly is the best solution for collaborative working environments.  

There’s never been a better time to upgrade to a fully cloud-based VoIP telephony solution. 2021 is set to be the year of VoIP, with more and more UK businesses benefiting from the advantages we’ve outlined.

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