July 13, 2021
5G WiFi For Businesses

5G WiFi For Businesses

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The successor to 4G is coming thick and fast, with the major networks such as EE, Vodafone, O2 and Three rolling out their infrastructure across the UK.

And now businesses are starting to make use of this improved 5G network by implementing 5G WiFi solutions.

What is 5G WiFi?

5G WiFi is a form of internet connectivity that uses the UK 5G network and an industrial router to provide an office, portable cabin or even an event marquee with WiFi.

5G WiFi Router for business
5G WiFi Router

‘Normal’ routers, such as the one you would find in your house or office use a physical fixed line to provide broadband. However, in some cases a physical line is not available, or signing into a fixed-line contract is not financially viable, a 5G WiFi router may be used instead.

Without the need for any fixed line, you can provide nearby devices with fast and secure internet browsing using 5G, even without a 5G compatible device.

5G WiFi Diagram
5G WiFi Diagram

When your 5G WiFi is setup, you can connect your devices just like you would with normal WiFi. Your business can connect laptops, tablets, phones, computers, printers and even PDQ machines.

How fast is 5G WiFi?

5G is often hailed as the fastest, ultra-fast, hyper speed network. Real-world 5G WiFi speeds vary, but are typically between 40Mbps and 120mbps download. This is considerably faster than 4G, and even faster than some fibre broadband connections.

While theoretical speeds of 5G exceed 1Gbps, this is very rarely achievable and requires optimum conditions, minimal interference and little to no other network usage.

4G vs 5G Speeds
4G vs 5G Speeds

Benefits of 5G WiFi

The portability, versatility and speed of 5G WiFi makes is a great option for many businesses and organisations.

No fixed line required

With no fixed line required, 5G WiFi only requires a standard UK plug. This makes it an ideal solution for portable cabins or event marquees who do not have broadband infrastructure installed.

Short term hire

The portability of 5G WiFi allows for short-term, temporary hire and rental options. This is great if you only need connectivity for a short period of time. No contracts, just a simple set fee and unlimited 5G WiFi. Perfect for events or temporary offices.

Fast Speeds

5G speeds are fast. Faster than traditional 4G and LTE, and sometimes as fast as fixed line fibre broadband. This speed allows for better browsing, VPN usage and even lag-free video streaming.

Applications of 5G WiFi

For most office environments, we would recommend our business fibre broadband packages, however, this is not always available for businesses with no fibre optics, or with no fixed line at all. Below are some of the most common use cases for our 5G WiFi solution. 

Construction sites

If you’re in a portable cabin on a construction site connectivity can be a challenge, particularly with metal walls and no fixed broadband line. This is where our 4G and 5G WiFi solutions come into their own.

With a simple plug-n-play setup, an external antenna and a ruggedised 5G router allow you to bring the outside signal into your cabin and create a fully fledged office environment, right on your construction site.


Whether you’re looking for plug-and-play, or full blown site-wide event WiFi, 5G or 4G connectivity is a great option. 

Our event WiFi solution is used by events across the UK, with reliable connectivity and the ability to connect PDQ and payment machines.

5G WiFi for events
5G WiFi for events

Fixed line failover

Connectivity is one of the most important assets for any business. Ask yourself, what would happen if you lost broadband for a day? How much would your business suffer?

If the answer is “a lot”, then 5G WiFi might be the option to save you from this possibility. With our WiFi backup solution, you can use the 5G network to provide fast and reliable internet to your office team if your fixed line broadband fails.

Temporary office WiFi

Often, businesses move premises, or are having renovations completed on their office. This makes it difficult to rely on your fixed line broadband connection. Having a temporary 5G WiFi solution in place keeps your team connected during the process. 

UK 5G Coverage

Massive investment in infrastructure over the past two years has meant that the 5G network in the UK has grown significantly, with city centres and even some outskirts having 5G coverage.

At the moment, there are four main networks with wide 5G availability, these are Vodafone, O2, EE and Three. 

5G Coverage Map UK
5G Coverage UK

With coverage in many hotspots in the UK, 5G WiFi is becoming increasingly popular. From Bristol to London, Manchester and Edingburgh.

Even if you don’t have 5G coverage, 4G WiFi might be a great solution for you, with 99.9% coverage. Get in touch with one of our team today for more information about our temporary connectivity options.

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