February 19, 2020
Bristol's 5G Coverage in 2020

5G Coverage In Bristol

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As the new wave 5G is becoming increasingly popular, with more and more network providers switching on their 5G networks and masts across the UK. It's an exciting time, as 5G brings a whole host of applications to businesses and consumers alike.

Back in 2019, EE, Vodafone and O2 all switched on their 5G networks for initial testing. After a successful trial, it is now available to consumers and businesses in Bristol. So, let’s explore the coverage.

5G Coverage in Bristol.

We've put together a map, combining Vodafone (green) and EE's (blue) 5G coverage in Bristol. As you can see, together, they cover a vast portion of the city centre, and even down to Bishopsworth and Brislington.

5G coverage map of Bristol
Bristol's 5G Coverage

The 5G coverage in Bristol is quite substantial. As one of Europes leading 'tech' cities, it is an important to be at the forefront of technologies. Having 5G is a great step forward for the city as it provides ultrafast wireless communications to residents and visitors.

But, lets break down the 5G coverage map into its two different networks.

EE 5G Coverage in Bristol

As a network predominantly focused on 5G and data, EE were one of the fastest networks to rollout their 5G network in Bristol. As you can see from the map below, their coverage is enormous, and they're continually adding to it.

EE's 5G coverage in Bristol
EE 5G coverage map of Bristol

EE are always working to expand this network, and hopefully will soon be offering 5G services to more locations across Somerset and Gloucestershire in the near future.

Vodafone 5G Coverage in Bristol

Another network that rolled out their 5G fairly quickly is Vodafone. Vodafone now have healthy 5g coverage in Bristol and it's surrounding areas. You can see from our map below that they plan on upgrading and updating data masts all around the city, to further increase this 5G coverage.

Vodafone 5G coverage in Bristol
Vodafone's 5G coverage map of Bristol

It's clear to see from the Vodafone 5G coverage map that they've focused on areas with heavy footfall, including Bishopsworth, Ashton Gate and the city centre. This is ideal because it means that the load of this significant number of people is shared more evenly by 5G, allowing a better browsing experience.

5G for Businesses in Bristol

It's not just consumers who might want to use the new 5G network in Bristol. Business in Bristol can also benefit from these great speeds and good coverage. With companies becoming increasingly mobile, it is common for businesses to utilise mobile data to keep employees connected to the office. It also allows for better VoIP calling when out and about.

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