September 12, 2019
10 Ways your Business can Benefit from 5G

Here are 10 ways that your business can benefit from 5G technology.

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The UK now has 5G, the fastest form of mobile data communication.

Whilst 5G is only available in select locations, it is set to take the UK by storm and vastly improve the mobile connectivity across the country. This new 5G network brings with it a whole host of benefits, especially for businesses.

1. Internet of Things (IoT) Automation

The internet of things allows businesses to automate processes by connecting their machines to a unified network using a data connection.

With 5G, comes a much faster, more reliable network. This 5G network will improve the machine 2 machine communication allowing faster connections with the ability to send more data. Businesses can use this higher bandwidth to establish more reliable connections between their automated machinery, and further improve their efficiency.

2. Mobile VoIP

Another benefit that 5G benefits businesses is with mobile VoIP.

Businesses with a hosted VoIP phone system can download an app and connect directly to their telephone system. This mobile app has many features, allowing users to set their availability, answer and make calls using their DDI, view contacts, schedule meetings, online chat with colleagues and more.

The app uses VoLTE and VoIP technology. This technology, along with 5G, will enables seamless mobile calls between your office and customers. Your employees can be truly connected, wherever they go.

3. Higher Quality VoLTE

The third benefit of 5G is better, faster VoLTE calling. This better calling is caused by the significantly lower latency of 5G when compared to it's 4G predecessor.

With this lower latency, businesses can benefit from almost 'lag-less' VoLTE calling, and ridiculously high quality voice calls when out and about. The higher quality calls show professionalism and give you and your customers a great over-the-phone experience.

4. Better Video Conferencing

Once again, the low latency of 5G leads to another benefit to businesses: Better video calling and conferencing.

We all know how bad conference calls and video conferences can be, but with 5G, businesses can have a much improved experience, especially with mobile users. Mobile users can use their 5G connection to join any conference easily, with high quality audio and video and no lag.

5. Improved Real-time Monitoring

Many businesses use cellular data connectivity to remotely monitor their machines or workforce. This is called machine 2 machine communication, or M2M.

With 5G, this real-time monitoring is dramatically improved. You can use M2M SIM cards to connect to your machines with minimal latency. 5G also has a higher bandwidth which means that it can send more data to your monitoring console, so your business can gather more data about it's machines.

6. Better Machine 2 Machine Remote Control

Along with remote monitoring, is remote control. When you say 'remote control', many people think or remote control cars and toy helicopters; but this is not the case for industrial businesses.

Manufacturing, construction and other businesses use the internet of things to control larger machines from a safe distance and without endangering any crew or staff members. However, the only limitation to this technology is the 4G connectivity. With a 5G connection, businesses could control machines at a safe distance, with no latency.

This improves the responsiveness of the machines, as well as the reaction times of the operator, leading to a more efficient M2M operation.

7. Alternative to Fixed Line

Businesses with poor broadband speed, particularly those in rural environments may wish to use 5G as an alternative to fixed line.

Whilst 5G isn't widely available just yet, both the government and the network providers are keen to push out their 5G infrastructure across the UK. Typically, networks push out new 'G' technology as fast as they can, bringing it to as many people in the bid cover the most of the UK.

This is good news for businesses who are far away from their nearest fibre connection, as they may be able to use the insane speeds of 5G as a fixed line replacement.

8. 5G Wi-Fi Solutions

Wi-Fi is a must for most businesses. But there can be a tricky time between moving offices or broadband providers. A great way to get through these change overs is to use a 4G Wi-Fi solution.

However, a 4G Wi-Fi solution may soon become a '5G Wi-Fi Solution'. With a 5G data SIM, you could benefit from increased speeds, lower latency and better bandwidth. This means that in the period where you require a temporary Wi-Fi router (whether you're moving offices or attending an exhibition) you can stay connected.

9. Better Wi-Fi for Construction Sites

Bytes Digital supply many construction sites with a 4G Wi-Fi solution. This solution provides them with reliable on-site connectivity and Wi-Fi for their portable cabin.

5G connectivity will allow builders and site managers to experience much faster, and more reliable on-site Wi-Fi. This can be beneficial, especially if you're frequently downloading or uploading build blueprints or files with large file size.

10. Faster Disaster Recovery Solutions

Many of our customers don't like the idea that they'll lose broadband connectivity. So, to prevent such an issue, we provide a 4G Wi-Fi solution as a backup.

The router sits dormant, until there is an issue and then it kicks in, ensuring minimal interference. However, 4G can be slower than normal broadband speeds. Using 5G, businesses could eliminate any speed issues with a more reliable disaster recovery solution.

Whilst 5G may be in it's infancy, it's prospect is still exciting, especially to businesses. Hopefully these benefits are a good example of how 5G can advance your company communications and create a more unified communications environment.

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