December 8, 2019
Commsplus Mobile Rebrands as 'Bytes Digital'

Commsplus Mobile Rebrands as 'Bytes Digital'

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In a move away from the Commsplus brand, Commsplus Mobile has officially rebranded as 'Bytes Digital'.

Commsplus Mobile, the independent arm of Commsplus that serves as a business mobiles provider, has broken away from the main Commsplus brand to become it's own, free-standing entity known as Bytes Digital.

Still with the same great products and the same great service that our clients love.

For a long time, the two companies, that is 'Commsplus Limited' and 'Commsplus Mobile Limited', have been intertwined; serving as a platform for both fixed and mobile communications. But as both businesses developed, it became clear that it was time to part company.

Why the change?

Good question. The constantly evolving landscape of business telecommunications is a hard one to navigate at the best of times—and with the market seeing an overall shift to these cloud based platforms, it became evident that the businesses had out-grown one another.

Business mobiles has seen rapid growth and soaring success in recent years, with hundreds customers from all across the UK. It was this success, coupled with a 'shuffle' of the Commsplus Limited structure, that has led to the move and subsequent rebranding of the mobiles division.

Will anything change?

Not really. We're still the same team that you know, offering the same products and the same service. We're just called 'Bytes Digital' now. We've got a shiny new website—which you're on right now, as well as a new logo and other 'stuff like that'.

This change also allows Bytes Digital (née Commsplus Mobile) to offer more options to our clients.

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