February 6, 2020
Does VoIP Require a Good Internet Connection?

Does VoIP Require a Good Internet Connection?

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VoIP, like many modern technologies, relies on your businesses broadband connection.

So it’s understandable that a business may be concerned about the real-world reliability of a VoIP telephone system.

We all know how broadband speeds can be an issue for many businesses (especially those around Somerset, where we’re based). And so it makes sense that moving to VoIP may be a concern.

But let us assure you, there is no need to worry about your internet connection.

Does VoIP require a good internet connection?

So yes, technically VoIP does require a good internet connection. But it may not need to be as good as you’d think. We recommend that your business broadband speed be at least 18Mbps download for a VoIP phone system to function correctly with no quality or drop-out issues.

These ‘18Mbps’ speeds can be achieved on even the most basic fibre broadband connection. In fact, the UK’s average speed is 54.2Mbps—which means that your business probably already has the capability to run a VoIP telephone system.

Why does VoIP require a good internet connection?

Traditionally (without VoIP, that is), a business has multiple connections from their premises to the outside world. This includes:

  • A broadband line (delivering their data)
  • Several telephone lines (delivering their voice)

With VoIP, however, the requirement for having multiple telephone lines is removed. Instead, all your business needs is a broadband line, which carries your voice and your data in one. We’ve made a really handy diagram to show you how VoIP works.

VoIP Phone System Diagram
VoIP Diagram

As you can see, VoIP is actually a fairly simple concept. And with only broadband lines to worry about, your business could see a significant cost reduction.

What if I don’t have a good internet connection for VoIP?

Whilst most businesses already have a good enough internet connection to support a VoIP phone system, we appreciate that some businesses may not.

If you don’t have a good enough internet connection, then there are some things we can do to help your business, including:

1. Switch broadband providers

You could switch your broadband providers. Sounds simple, but it could be greatly beneficial for you. Switching providers does enable your business to look for better speeds and better prices. Other business broadband providers (like us) have access to different networks and fibre connections, so you may be surprised what you find.

2. Upgrade to a leased line

A leased line is a 100% dedicated fibre internet connection from your premises. It provides unparalleled speeds and is not affected by peak times. Our leased lines also have an uptime of 99.99%. You can get up to £2,500 off your leased line installation with our Government approved voucher scheme.

3. Look into 4G WiFi

Some businesses may wish to look into alternatives, such as 4G WiFi. For businesses based in very rural locations, this may be a much more viable option than fixed line connectivity. A Bytes Digital 4G solution does have capability to run a VoIP phone system, so that may be an option for you.

What if my internet connection fails?

We understand how important telephony is to your business. In fact, for many businesses it’s crucial that their phones are always working, and with VoIP, there can be a worry that your broadband may fail.

However, if this is of concern, we can implement a built-in disaster recovery solution. This solution uses an industrial grade router, with a 4G SIM card in. If the broadband fails, for whatever reason, then the SIM card connects you to the UK’s vast 4G network. This provides you with a fail-safe option until your fixed broadband is reconnected. This disaster recovery solution also prevents your businesses from losing those all important telephone calls.

Another option that businesses may opt for is instant divert. If the system incurs a fault (which is very rare), or your broadband goes down, then we can have your VoIP telephone system automatically diverted to a mobile phone—ensuring you never lose calls.

If you have any questions, or would like some more information about how Bytes Digital can help your business, email hello@bytesdigital.co.uk give us a call on 03331 301 021.

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