September 6, 2021
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Keeping guests happy is a vital part of running a successful hotel.

A recent study showed that 63% of hotel guests say that WiFi impacts their experience while staying at a hotel. Providing guests with reliable, fast and secure WiFi helps boost reviews and improve guest experience—which is why choosing the right hotel WiFi provider is crucial.

Hotel WiFi Provider

As a UK-based hotel WiFi provider, we have years of experience in providing mesh guest and staff  WiFi networks to hotels and hospitality venues.

As a hotel WiFi provider, our solutions include:

Choosing the right provider for your hotel WiFi can be a challenge. Because every hotel is different, there is no ‘one size fits all’ model. That’s why we provide a tailored WiFi system, with a survey of your hotel before hand to ensure the WiFi solution we provide covers your whole hotel.

Hotel WiFi Survey Heatmap
Hotel WiFi Survey Heatmap

By conducting a comprehensive hotel survey, we can ascertain how many access points you require and create a heat map, giving you a visual representation of your new WiFi network. Surveys also help reduce the initial cost of your hotel WiFi solution, be ensuring optimal placement of access points.

What if I already have a hotel WiFi provider?

As technology moves on, you may find that your hotels existing WiFi is no longer suitable of fit for purpose. With guests demanding more, such as streaming and high social media usage, providing a WiFi solution to meet their needs requires modern technology.

Hotel WiFI Access Point
Hotel WiFI Access Point

Our solution uses the latest WiFi technology, with security features built-in to ensure fast, safe browsing for your guests and staff.

Changing your hotel WiFi provider is a daunting task, there are lots of facets to consider before switching, for example:

  • How many rooms do I have?
  • How many guests do you expect to be connecting simultaneously?
  • Do I have a WiFi infrastructure in place at the moment?

By answering these questions, you can build up a picture of your hotel’s WiFi requirements. Once you have built up a picture, get in touch and our experts can provide honest, no obligation advice and arrange a survey to see what WiFi solution is best for your hotel.

Hotel WiFi
Hotel WiFi for Staff

Why upgrade your hotel WiFi solution?

Outdated technology and advancements in wireless communications mean that upgrading your hotel WiFi provider could see massive return on your investment, offering an improved service to guests and staff alike.

Your hotel will also benefit from additional features, such as:

  • Bandwidth sharing

Ensure every guest has the best experience by sharing bandwidth evenly among devices. By limiting the bandwidth, you can ensure no device takes up all the network bandwidth and impede on other guest’s connections.

For business travellers, you could offer a paid-for WiFi network with uncapped and unlimited bandwidth to give them priority over traffic and generate extra revenue.

  • Multiple networks

As we lauded to, you can have multiple networks broadcast without needing multiple sets of WiFi hardware installed. For example, you may wish to broadcast a “staff network” a “guest network” and a “paid-for guest network”.

Separating these out allows you to prioritise staff traffic and give paid-for users a better connection.

Hotel WiFi Networks
Hotel WiFi

  • Seamless handoff

There’s nothing more frustrating than realising you’ve lost connection to WiFi, and then having to manually reconnect. Don’t let your guests experience this frustration.

Seamless handoff allows your guests and staff to roam freely around your hotel without losing connection. Devices are passed from one access point to another with no lag or interference, for a total seamless WiFi experience. 

  • Surveys

To guarantee seamless handoff, we conduct thorough surveys of your hotel. By completing a survey, we can find optimal placement of access points and streamline the installation process by planning ahead.

A complete survey also gives you a visual representation of your hotel WiFi solution and eliminates black spots.

Why change your hotel WiFi provider?

Hotel WiFi is an important amenity to provide to guests, and it can have a big impact on their stay—that is why choosing the right hotel WiFi provider is important.

With better technologies on the market that are designed to cater to the modern needs of paying guests, upgrading your infrastructure and changing provider will help improve guests experience, increase online engagement and boost positive reviews.

While it is a daunting tasks, changing your hotel WiFi provider does come with some great benefits, such as:

1. Happy guests, better reviews

Don’t let poor WiFi hold back your reviews and hinder traveller experience. 63% Of guests say that WiFi impacts their stay, so getting it right is important.

With reliable, secure and fast WiFi networks for guests you can satisfy their online requirements and ensure that they leave happy.

2. Increased business travellers

Many hotels offer conference facilities to business travellers, with meeting spaces often generating substantial revenue for hotels. Often, the number one requirement for business travellers using conference facilities is strong WiFi.

Being able to give your business customers stable broadband connectivity helps attract more of these high-paying guests, and often these guests offer repeat business to hotels as frequent travellers.

3. Marketing data capture

The most common device used by guests is a smartphone. Why not use your WiFi to capture marketing data such as email addresses and telephone numbers of your hotel’s guests.

By capturing their data, you can send them promotional material, increasing return visits and ensuring that your brand is at the forefront of their mind when they’re next looking for a hotel.

Why not add custom fields to get additional information on your guests, such as “reason for stay”. Use this additional data to target business-based adverts at those travelling for work, and romantic getaway deals for those travelling as a couple.

4. Another revenue stream

Increase your revenue with paid-for WiFi networks. By offering guests a dedicated paid-for WiFi network that gives them faster speeds and uncapped bandwidth, you can generate additional revenue for your hotel.

By upgrading your hotel WiFi network and changing your provider, you can help improve guest experience by offering them the latest, modern technology. For a no-obligations quotation, get in touch with a member of our team today on 03331 301 021 or email sales@bytesdigital.co.uk

If you have any questions, or would like some more information about how Bytes Digital can help your business, email hello@bytesdigital.co.uk give us a call on 03331 301 021.

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