February 22, 2024
How to Lock An iPad or Tablet To One Single App?

How to Lock An iPad or Tablet To One App With Kiosk Mode

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Tablets and iPads are a universal part of everyday life. They’re used in every walk of life, from parking registration at hotels to at-home healthcare kits and even control of large manufacturing plants.

We provide tablets and iPads to a large variety of businesses. These tablets are often deployed out in the field, and need to be locked-down to one specific app or webpage.

A common question from our customers is: “Is it possible to lock down a tablet to a single app?”

How can you lock a tablet or iPad to a single app?

iPads and tablets can be locked down to a single app using something called Kiosk Mode. Kiosk mode restricts the availability of general device features and prevents the user from changing settings and navigating around the device.

Kiosk mode prevents users from switching between different applications, navigating through settings, factory default and even locking/unlocking the iPad/tablet.

A tablet or iPad in Kiosk mode essentially becomes a vehicle for whatever application you need.

Kiosk mode is often paired with some kind of lockable or hard-standing case system. You may have seen these in places like McDonalds or at restaurants in place of tills or as games for children.

Tablet in a locked case
Tablet in Kiosk mode, in a locked case

Combining kiosk mode with a fixed case ensures users have access to your content or application without the risk of losing or breaking your tablets. It also keeps nosy members of the public locked onto whatever app you choose.

Features of Kiosk Mode

Here’s a few of our favourite features of kiosk mode software…

Locking down to a single app

The main feature of kiosk mode is locking a tablet down to a single application. By restricting the device you can greatly control how it’s used and what it’s used for. Having a heavily restricted device keeps users focused on what’s important.

Custom branding

An important part of kiosk mode is the branding opportunities it offers. Customisable wallpapers make any tablet a small but versatile billboard—particularly helpful in business environments.

Often, tablets with kiosk mode are paired with a ruggedised case, which can be fully customised and branded to your specification.

Settings restrictions

Kiosk mode can be used to heavily restrict the settings of the device, preventing users from making changes. Everything from chasing the wallpaper to preventing factory default.

Settings can still be accessed on-device, but only when bypassing the kiosk mode with administrator access.

Increased security

Tablets and iPads with kiosk mode are more secure than those without. With on-device encryption and measures that prevent users from accessing parts of the device you don’t want them to—you can ensure that potentially sensitive data is managed appropriately.

GPS Tracking

A by-product of kiosk mode is GPS tracking. With mobile device management software you can keep a close eye on where your devices are in the world. You can even set customisable alerts if they move over 100m for example.

GPS tracking helps safeguard your investment and continually monitor those tablets and iPads that are out in the field.

Applications of Kiosk mode

There are hundreds of reasons why a business might want to lock down tablets or iPads to a single application. Here’s just a few of the most common…

Healthcare Sector

Data protection is a huge concern for the healthcare sector. Having patient data stored on-device can be a big risk. Lots of hospitals, medical centres and GP practices use tablets and iPads with kiosk mode to keep data secure.

Kiosk-enabled devices have limited

Emergency Services

A vital part of emergency service response is keeping connected and informed. Most police forces across the UK issue officers with tablets or mobiles to keep them connected to colleagues and vital internal systems.

Kiosk mode locks these tablets down to single apps and prevents potential misuse. It also increases the security of the device and prevents prying-eyes from visiting things they shouldn’t be.


Quite a common application of kiosk mode is in the hospitality sector. We’ve all been to hotels where you need to check your car into the car park to validate parking—or maybe there is an iPad in the room to control lights and TV etc.

These tablets utilise kiosk mode to prevent the general public from chopping and changing settings (or worse!).

How to get Kiosk Mode?

Kiosk mode is available with a mobile device management software, or MDM.

Our technical team can configure your tablet or mobile to be locked to your specific app or apps of choice prior to deployment—saving you time and resource when rolling out your software.

Some devices have built-in kiosk mode, but it often doesn’t come with the added benefit of remote management and tracking. Devices without MDM can also be taken out of their kiosk mode by those in the know.

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