April 22, 2021
IP68 Waterproof iPad Cases for UK Wholesale

IP68 Waterproof iPad Cases for UK Wholesale

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As a UK based distributor and wholesaler of iPad and tablet cases, we’re often asked about waterproof and ‘IP68’ cases. 

If you’re running a business then providing your team with iPad’s or tablets can be a big investment. It is important to safeguard this investment.

With IP68 waterproof cases, you can ensure that your iPads and tablets are protected from even the harshest environments.

What are IP68 waterproof cases?

The term ‘IP68’ refers to an international standard that is issued to waterproof cases. IP68 certification means that your cases is waterproof at a depth of 2 meters for up to 30 minutes. It is one of the highest waterproofing standards given to iPad and tablet cases.

IP68 Waterproof iPad case wholesale
IP68 Waterproof iPad case for UK wholesale

Almost every tablet on the market today, including iPads, do not have an official IP waterproof rating. Nor do they claim to be waterproof or water resistant. That is why having a case that is IP68 certified is imperative for businesses to protect their devices from water and dust.

Having an IP68 case means that your businesses iPad’s and tablets are protected from water, dust and scratches. 

How much do IP68 waterproof iPad cases cost?

Because there are so many variations in price between the different types of IP68 waterproof cases, it can be hard to give an exact figure.

As a wholesale provider, we’re able to source a range of IP68 waterproof cases at a price range to suit your budget. 

Wholesale IP68 Waterproof cases
Wholesale IP68 Waterproof cases

The other thing to consider is quantity. Larger, bulk orders are often more cost effective than smaller orders. We find that a lot of businesses and organisations using IP68 cases are rolling them out to many different users.

Typically, IP68 waterproof cases are a little more costly than their ‘non-IP’ rated counterpart. This is because the manufacturers have to pay for the IP certification.

However, we would always recommend that a business chooses IP68 cases—although they may be slightly more expensive, they are worth it for the extra protection they provide to your device.

Which sectors use waterproof iPad cases?

The versatility of IP68 waterproof iPad and tablet cases make them ideal for a range of industries and sectors. As a wholesale provider, we have experience in sourcing IP68 cases for a plethora of businesses, including…

Waterproof cases in Hospitality

More and more businesses and organisations in the hospitality sector are choosing to provide their team with mobile devices such as tablets and iPads for their day to day work.

A great example of this is waiting staff, who are using tablets and iPads in table ordering and taking payments. With this, however, comes the risk of spillages, drops and heavy usage.

IP68 Waterproof cases in Hospitality
IP68 Waterproof cases in Hospitality

IP68 waterproof cases ensure that your team’s devices are sheltered from the everyday knocks and wear and tear seen in the hospitality sector.

If you’re working in hospitality, and would like more information about our range of IP68 waterproof tablet and iPad cases, get in touch today.

Healthcare (Infection Control IP68 Waterproof cases)

Arguably, one of the biggest markets for IP68 and waterproof cases is healthcare. We often provide doctors surgeries and the NHS with IP68 cases for their tablets and iPads.

The reason why IP68 cases are the case of choice for NHS and healthcare organisations is because they’re wipe-clean and easy to sanitise.

The infection control cases, as they’re often known, are helping protect investment and allowing hospitals and other healthcare facilities to sanitise their devices thoroughly.

IP68 Infection Control Cases for healthcare
IP68 Infection Control Cases for healthcare

Due to recent events, the healthcare sector has seen a dramatic increase in the number of tablets and iPads in use. They allow patients and staff to keep in contact remotely, and help bring increase the mobility of vital workers.

Waterproof Tablet cases for Construction

We have years of experience working with construction firms and contractors across the UK. Including the UK’s largest construction project.

Our experience has taught us that construction sites often require the most rugged and robust of tablet and iPad protection. IP68 cases offer some of the highest level of protection, from rain, puddles, dust, dirt, mud and more.

iPads for construction
iPads are often used on construction sites

Protecting your investment is important, and with the rough and ready environment of a construction site, it can be a difficult challenge to keep your devices safe. Our team are here to help you find the right cases for your budget. With wholesale pricing and bulk ordering capabilities, you know you’re in good hands.

IP68 Cases for Manufacturing

As the UK moves towards digital Britain, manufacturing businesses are utilising tablets and iPads to improve their day-to-day workflow. 

Manufacturing are some of the toughest industries for these devices, with workshops and production lines full of hazards that could cause breakages to your iPads and tablets. IP68 waterproof cases offer some of the best levels of protection against these hazards. 

The added benefit of IP68 waterproof iPad and tablet cases is that they’re dust resistant. This helps prevent grit and small particles from causing issues with your device, and is particularly important for the manufacturing sector.

Maritime Waterproof tablet & iPad cases

The clue is in the name - ‘waterproof’. IP68 cases are used in the maritime industry to keep iPads and tablets away from water damage. 

iPad for Maritime
iPad for Maritime

A great example of IP68 waterproof cases being used is on ships and boats. Tablets are often used as navigation tools, or as scientific aids on expeditions. With IP68 waterproof cases, these tablets are protected from water and remain safe and dry.

For more information about IP68 and waterproof cases and accessories for your businesses iPads or tablets, speak to a member of our wholesale team or click ‘online quote’.

If you have any questions, or would like some more information about how Bytes Digital can help your business, email hello@bytesdigital.co.uk give us a call on 03331 301 021.

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