April 12, 2021
Samsung Mobile Phone Wholesale Distributors

Samsung Mobile Phone Wholesale Distributors

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Samsung are one of the world’s leading brand of smartphone manufactures, turning out millions of phones very year, from the low cost A series, to the innovative Samsung Fold and Z-Flip.

With such a wide range of Samsung smartphones available, it’s no wonder that they’re in such high demand from businesses and resellers across the UK. The popularity of Samsung smartphones is no secret, with a 16% global marketshare, second only to Apple—they’re certainly titans of the technology sector.

We’re often asked to help businesses and reseller with the supply of low cost, wholesale Samsung smartphones.

Different types of Samsung phone’s available for UK wholesale distribution

Like we say, Samsung make such a vast range of phones, from ruggedised mobiles to low cost phones and even innovative designs such as the Z-Flip.

With multiple devices available, Samsung is a great brand for businesses looking to supply their customers or their team with bulk, low cost smartphones, without suffering in quality.

1. Samsung’s Low Cost A02s

Arguably one of Samsung’s most popular smartphone lineups is the A series. At the entry level of this range sits the Samsung A02s. The A02s is Samsungs most affordable, most basic specification smartphone.

The low cost make the Samsung A02s the ideal phone for large scale, bulk rollouts by keeping costs low, but providing users with a reliable and familiar phone that doesn’t sacrifice on features.

Samsung A02s Wholesale
Samsung A02s

As a UK wholesaler of Samsung mobile phones, we often provide the A02s to businesses and resellers at reduced costs, helping them to rollout smartphones to their customers or employees.

2. Samsung XCover Rugged Phones

Perhaps a lesser known line of Samsung smartphones is the XCover. The XCover is a rugged phone designed for harsh wear and tear.

Samsung XCover for Wholesale
Samsung XCover

We often find that the XCover is particularly popular with construction companies, haulage firms and those working on site. The low cost of the XCover is a bonus too, as it allows for a more cost effective rollout.

We’ve been providing businesses with wholesale Samsung XCover’s for years—offering their customers and staff with a low cost, but rugged smartphone which is ideal for outdoor activities.

3. Samsung S21 & S21+

Of course, there are more premium Samsung smartphones available for wholesale—these include the S21 and S21+, Samsung’s newest and most ‘flagship’ model. The S21 line are by no means the most affordable Samsung smartphone on the market—far from it. But they are the best, with the highest end specifications.

Samsung S21 & S21+ Wholesale

We find that the Samsung S21 & S21+ are most likely to be used by higher level team members such a directors and managers. In fact, we often provide these phones alongside our business mobile solutions.

How much do wholesale Samsung phones cost?

With so many Samsung smartphones available for wholesale UK distribution, finding the right one at the right budget can be a difficult task.

Some of the Samsung phones range from around the £100 mark, all the way up to the £1000+ mark. Because there’s such a big price difference between the higher and lower end Samsung phone, wholesale pricing can change depending on order quantities, volume and supply chain availability.

If you’re in the market for Samsung smartphones for your business or as a reseller, speak to a member of our team today for a full wholesale quotation. Or click the ‘Online Quote’ button at the bottom of the page.

Why choose Samsung mobiles?

Samsung are one of the word’s leading smartphone brands, offering customers high quality, well made smartphones at a range of different price points. Here’s

Range of devices

From the smaller, cheaper A series, to the high end S21 and S21+, there are so many different options available to businesses across the UK.

Samsung is normally the first port of call for businesses facing a large scale smartphone rollout. With a vast myriad of devices available, it’s no surprise that they’re the best option for almost every scenario.

Lots of accessories

If you’re rolling out Samsung smartphones to your customers or your team, something you may be considering is the protection that these devices require. Replacement devices are more expensive that cases and screen protectors.

Samsung Phone Cases wholesale
Samsung Phone Cases

As a wholesale provider of Samsung phones, we also offer a large range of accessories for these devices too. From ultra-rugged tablet cases to the IP68 cases, silicone gel cases and leather/wallet cases.

With Bytes Digital, you can keep logistic simple and pricing competitive. As a one-stop-shop for all of your Samsung requirements. From smartphones to cases, screen protectors and even chargers.

Widely Available

We often find that businesses looking for large quantities of Samsung products struggle to source them in large quantities. That’s where we’re here to help. Our team are experts in logistics, and we often hold stock of popular Samsung devices, which can reduce lead times and ensure that you get the volume of smartphones that you need.

Competitive wholesale pricing

As a UK wholesale distributor of Samsung smartphones, we can offer competitive pricing on Samsung phones, helping you save money. Samsung already offer a huge price range for their tablets, and with our wholesale pricing, you can also certainly find a smartphone to match your budget and your technology requirements.

Who might need Samsung wholesale mobiles?

There are so many applications of Samsung smartphones, but here’s a few of the most common sectors and industries that use Samsung smartphones.


Every year, hospitals, doctors surgeries, NHS clinics and private medical centres save hundreds, if not thousands of hours using smartphones and mobile technology. Many clinicians and nurses use smartphones or tablets to communicate with their patients, colleagues and other departments.


As a wholesale provider, we supply the UK’s largest construction site with their Samsung smartphones. Low cost phones, coupled with rugged and protective cases mean that large scale rollouts of Samsung smartphones are the perfect option for construction firms looking to provide their on-site team with devices.

Public Sector

The public sector have been using mobile technologies for years. With Samsung leading the charge when it comes to public sector devices, they’re the obvious choice. The low cost of the devices, along with the wide availability of accessories make them a great solution to public sector technology deployment.

Wholesale Samsung phones for public sector
Public sector often use Samsung phones

Overall, Samsung smartphones are market leading when it comes to large scale rollouts and wholesale mobile devices. Their low cost and wide availability make them a perfect choice for all manner of businesses.

To find out more about our range of Samsung wholesale mobile devices, and for more information about our UK wide distribution, get in touch with one of our friendly account managers today.

If you have any questions, or would like some more information about how Bytes Digital can help your business, email hello@bytesdigital.co.uk give us a call on 03331 301 021.

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