April 16, 2020
Is VoIP Good for Small Business?

Is VoIP Good for Small Business?

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As the UK moves ever closer to ‘digital Britain’, more and more small businesses are choosing to move their telecoms to the cloud—making use of VoIP technologies.

VoIP stands for voice over IP and is becoming the global standard for business telecommunication. By replacing your telephone system with a cloud-based VoIP solution, your small business can take advantage of more features and lower costs.

Is VoIP good for a small business?

The short answer is yes, VoIP is a great option for small businesses. Because of its low cost implementation and huge feature set, VoIP is the best telecom solution for small businesses.

Before VoIP was common place, small businesses had to use an on-premise PBX telephone system. These telephone systems are costly, outdated and require constant maintenance and upgrades.

But with a cloud-based VoIP phone system, small business now only need a broadband connection. That’s it. All of your small businesses communications can run directly through your broadband connection, without the need for costly on-site hardware.

VoIP Phone System vs PBX Diagram
VoIP Phone System vs PBX

Because VoIP telephone systems are cloud based, this means that they’re very scalable and flexible. If you have 3 staff, you can just have three phones—if you have 10 staff, you can have 10 phones. As your business grows, your phone system does too.

VoIP phone systems are perfect for small businesses for a number of reasons. They offer some fantastic benefits over the alternatives.

The benefits of VoIP for Small Business

Here’s a fine, hand-picked selection of benefits of VoIP for a small business. This is by no means an exhaustive list, but it gives you an idea of why VoIP is good for your small business.

1. Cost reduction

VoIP is significantly cheaper than the alternatives. In fact, it can be up to 90% cheaper than a PBX solution. And the 5,000 free UK minutes, no upgrade costs, no telephone line, no maintenance, no support fees and free handsets are just our ways of keeping your cost low.

2. Future Proof

In 2025, the UK’s ISDN network will be switched off. This means that any small business not using VoIP will no longer be supported. Trust us when we say that moving to VoIP now will save you a big headache later on down the line.

3. More features

Our VoIP offers more features than your small business will ever need. Everything from hunt groups and auto attendants to call centre applications, wallboards, mobile apps and more. VoIP seriously has so many features.

4. Low capital outlay

Another great benefit of VoIP for small businesses is that it requires little to no capital outlay. We know how important cash flow is—especially to SMEs and small businesses. When you upgrade to VoIP, you’ll receive one simple, easy to understand monthly bill for your telecoms. No hidden fees, no sneaky costly setup.

5. Better quality voice

Because VoIP uses IP-based communications, it offers higher quality voice compared to analog methods. This means that your customers and prospects will be able to hear you clearer than ever.

VoIP for small business
Bring your small business closer together with VoIP

6. Flexible

Small businesses are one of the fastest changing landscapes. It’s important that you have a system that is as flexible as possible so that it can adapt to your business as it grows and changes. VoIP does just that. It provides an adaptive telephony environment for an adaptive, ever changing small business.

7. Mobile

Many small businesses have mobile staff. Whether they’re on the road sales people, engineers or just remote workers, mobility is bigger than it ever has been. Using our cloud platform, your small business can ensure all of your workforce our connected and unified. With free mobile apps, hotdesking and remote working, there’s no better option for mobile businesses.

Should I upgrade my small business to VoIP?

Generally, as technology gets better, more and more people make the move. It’s the same for businesses. In the last 5 years, VoIP has become the standard for business communications, especially for small businesses.

VoIP is a very good option for your small business. It can help reduce costs and move your business to the cloud ready for the 2025 ISDN switch off. VoIP phone systems bring businesses closer together and unify them under one, complete and coherent communications platform.

VoIP really is the best choice for small businesses.

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