February 26, 2021
Where Can I Buy Samsung Phones in Bulk?

Where Can I Buy Samsung Phones in Bulk?

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Samsung are one of the world’s leading technology and smartphone manufacturers, with a vast range of mobile phones available across the globe.

Samsung phones are often used by businesses in the UK due to their popularity, ease of use and affordability. It is quite common for businesses to provide their staff or customers with Samsung mobiles—to do this, they need to find a bulk wholesaler of Samsung phones.

Where can I buy Samsung phones in bulk?

In the UK, Bytes Digital provide a range of Samsung phones in bulk to businesses and resellers. To take away your businesses import and volume headaches, our wholesale team are here to manage your entire order.

As a wholesale distributor of Samsung smartphones, Bytes Digital can offer discounted rates for bulk Samsung smartphone orders—saving your business money when choosing a new technology solution.

We have a dedicated wholesale team to help your business find the best priced Samsung model in the bulk quantities that you need.

Bulk Samsung Smartphone
Bulk Samsung Smartphone

What Samsung phones are available in bulk?

Samsung make a lot of phones. Choosing the right Samsung phone for your business is a daunting challenge, with so many options to pick from, it’s important that you have the right phone for your requirements. Here’s a few of the most popular Samsung phones for business:

  • Samsung A20e

The Samsung A20e is a great upper-low range Samsung phone, with an affordable price tag and a feature rich spec sheet. It’s a very common device for those working in the office or out on site. Because the Samsung A20e is such an affordable, widely available model—it’s perfect for bulk orders for businesses.

Samsung A20e
Samsung A20e

  • Samsung XCover

If you have guys working on site, then you might be better off with the Samsung XCover. The XCover is Samsung rugged smartphone, built for use on site with stone materials and built in protection. We find that we quite often provide bulk Samsung XCovers for construction firms and the like.

Samsung XCover 4
Samsung XCover 4

  • Samsung A71

For those looking for a more up-scale Samsung phone, the A71 is a great option. It sites nicely in the mid range of smartphones. With higher spec internals and a better camera system, and more ‘pro’ features, the Samsung A71 might be the better option for your executive level staff.

Samsung A71

  • Samsung S21

As we write this, the Samsung S21 is Samsung’s flagship phone. The S21 is not cheap, but it does come with the top specification internals. The longevity of the Samsung S21 makes it a good investment if you don’t intend to change your phones anytime soon. However, the high price tag does make it a costly phone for businesses. Our distribution team will be able to provide wholesale pricing.

Samsung S21

Why choose a Samsung?

As we mentioned before, Samsung are one of the world’s largest smartphone distributors, selling millions of units each year. But why should you choose a Samsung phone for your business, rather than, for example, an iPhone?

1. Diverse Range

Samsung offer one of the widest ranges of smartphones in the world. They have so many different options across such a diverse set of devices, that you’re almost certain to find one that suits your business requirements. 

2. Wider bulk availability

Samsung phones are very widely available. Often other manufactures such as Apple have lower global stock levels, making it harder to get hold of bulk devices. We can source Samsung mobile phones in bulk quantities with short lead times, which makes them a better choice for businesses rolling our devices in high quantities.

3. High quality phones

When buying in bulk quantities, an important consideration is the quality of the phone. If you buy poor quality devices, you’re likely to have lots of breakages. That’s another great benefit to choosing Samsung phones—they’re high quality and reliable.

You know what they say. Buy cheap, buy twice.

4. Longevity

Another thing to consider when buying bulk phones is their longevity. Your investment should be future proof, and so should your phones. Because Samsung are one of the world’s leading players in the smartphone market, their devices are future proof and this helps safeguard your investment for years to come. 

What about phone protection?

If you’re buying phones in bulk for your business, chances are they might get dropped, scratched, bumped and knocked. When you’re investing in a Samsung phone rollout, you want to make sure each device is protected from everyday wear and tear.

Samsung Cases
Samsung Cases

Alongside our bulk Samsung phones, Bytes Digital offer a wide range of Samsung phone accessories, screen protectors and cases to provide that extra level of protection to your devices.

If you have any questions, or would like some more information about how Bytes Digital can help your business, email hello@bytesdigital.co.uk give us a call on 03331 301 021.

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