May 9, 2022
What is the 3CX Desktop App?

What is the 3CX Desktop App?

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If you’ve been researching business telephone systems, or you’re in the market to upgrade, then chances are you’ve heard of 3CX. 3CX Comes with a plethora of features, each with their own long list of benefits.

As a 3CX partner and supplier, Bytes Digital have experience with all the features of 3CX, including the 3CX desktop app.

Firstly, What is 3CX?

3CX is a software based, VoIP telephone system designed for business. It combines the reliability of a traditional on-premise PBX phone system with the cost saving and versatility of VoIP—giving users the best of both worlds.

3CX Uses your businesses existing broadband connection to make and receive calls, rather than traditional telephone lines. This improves call quality and greatly reduces (if not eliminates) your businesses call charges.

3CX comes with a whole host of features, but in this article, we’re focusing on one in particular—the 3CX Desktop App.

What is the 3CX Desktop App?

The 3CX desktop app is a computer program available for Mac and Windows that allows users to make and receive VoIP calls from their computer via the internet. The app is part of the 3CX app suite, which are a series of applications that integrate seamlessly with your 3CX telephone system.

A 3CX telephone system works on a licence based system, with each user having their own licence, which entitles them to the desktop app. The desktop app is linked to each user, meaning that your 3CX DDi (Direct-Dial-In) will ring straight through to your desktop app. 

3CX Desktop App Diagram
3CX Desktop App Diagram

Having your 3CX desktop app linked directly to your 3CX licence also means that contacts, status (such as do not disturb), call logs and history, call recordings and chats are all shared between your devices, so when you make a call on your desktop app, it appears in your desk phone (if you have one) as well as your mobile app (if you have one).

Having all of your devices linked under one user means that 3CX provides your business with a truly unified communications environment—helping your employees to streamline their workflow and spend less time messing around with complicated and unintuitive telephone systems.

3CX Desktop App, Yealink and Mobile App
An example of the 3CX Desktop App, Yealink deskphones and 3CX Mobile App

Features of the 3CX Desktop App

The 3CX desktop app comes packed with so any features that we can’t list them all here. But here’s a few of our top picks…

Making and Receiving VoIP Calls

Arguably the main and most important feature of the 3CX desktop app is the ability to make and receive calls using VoIP. The 3CX desktop app acts as a phone, presenting caller ID when someone rings, and a dial pad and contact directory for you to dial out. This is often referred to as a ‘softphone’.

As we said before, the 3CX desktop app links with your 3CX licence, so when you make and receive a VoIP call, it comes from your business number or DDi, giving a professional impression to your caller.

Transferring Calls & Other Call Controls

Not only does the 3CX desktop app enable you to make and receive calls, but you can also transfer calls to other colleagues seamlessly. With intuitive, click-to-transfer buttons, you can 

The 3CX desktop app also as lots of other call controls such as call holding, muting conferencing and more—giving you all the tools you need to give callers a great overt the phone experience.

Deskphone Integration

Because the 3CX app links with your 3CX licence, it has access to your deskphone (if you have one). This means that you can essentially control your desk phone from your computer wirelessly.

With the 3CX desktop app, users can choose if they want to dial out on their desk phone, soft phone or smartphone. Placing a call answers the desk phone remotely, which is particularly helpful if you are doing a lot of call handing.

Click to Dial

One of the simplest, yet most underrated features of the 3CX desktop app is the ability to click on a phone number on your screen, and have the number dialled on either the soft phone or your desk phone.

3CX Video Calling

In a post-COVID world, video calling is one of the main forms of communication between colleagues, customers and prospects. The 3CX desktop app makes video calling easy.

Not only can you video call colleagues at the press of a button, but you can also schedule meetings with your customers, sending a customisable email template with the meeting invite and allowing them to use their browser to make a video call.

It provides a more personal experience, and helps build rapport more quickly.

CRM Integration

The 3CX desktop app enables integration with your CRM. Features including click to dial, record popping and called ID linking means that your 3CX telephone system sits seamlessly into your existing workflow.

3CX desktop app integrations
3CX desktop app integrations

By integrating your CRM with your 3CX desktop app, your team can cut down on the time spent searching through the CRM records, improve data entry, and deliver a better, more personal experience to customers.

Benefits of the 3CX Desktop app

Many businesses are choosing to move their telephony to a more flexible environment. During the COVID pandemic, businesses had to adapt their telephone systems to enable users to work from home, and thousands of employees utilised their computers for making and receiving calls. 

The 3CX Desktop app really comes into its own for flexible working—giving users the ability to work from anywhere, as long as they have their computer and a stable internet connection.

Working from home with 3CX on laptop
Work from home with the 3CX desktop app

Another great benefit of the 3CX desktop app is that is it ready for the ISDN switch off. As you may or may not know, in 2025, the UK’s ISDN network is being switched off. This means that all traditional, non-VoIP telephone systems will stop working and become obsolete. 

While there is plenty of time to switch still, if your business phone contracts are up for renewal, now is the perfect time to make the switch to 3CX. You’ll benefit from all the applications, including the 3CX desktop app.

How to Get the 3CX Desktop App

Unlocking your businesses potential with the 3CX desktop app has never been easier.

1. Get a 3CX Phone System

To get the 3CX desktop app, you must first need a 3CX telephone system. Once you’ve got your system up and running, the below are the instructions to download your 3CX desktop app.

Our team are able to help, if you’re looking to upgrade your phone system to 3CX, get in touch with us on 03331 301 021 or sales@bytesdigital.co.uk

2. Find your welcome email

Once your 3CX system is setup, you’ll receive a welcome email. Inside this email will be a linked instructions to help you download and setup your 3CX desktop app. It’s nice and straight forward—in fact, when we setup new customers on 3CX, many of our clients have already downloaded and are using their 3CX apps before we attend site to complete the installation of the deskphones.

3. Start using your new 3CX app

Once you’ve setup your app by following the welcome instructions, you can start using your 3CX app right away. The app is very intuitive and doesn’t require training or complicated manuals to understand.

All the features are right there for you to use, and you can start taking advantage of remote working, call controls and much more.

4. Get integration working

If you have opted for a software integration (such as a CRM) with your 3CX phone system, then our expert 3CX technical team will be able to set this up for you, whether that’s remotely or with a site visit. 

Integration helps improve the efficiency of your team, and reduce time spent searching through your CRM. Integration also improves data entry and enables a more personal experience to your customers.

The 3CX desktop app is one of 3CX’s most loved features, and our customers have been using it to enable home working and more flexible telephony. For more information about 3CX and how it can enable your business to work smarter, get in touch with us on 03331 301 021 or sales@bytesdigital.co.uk for a free, no obligations review of your telephone system.

If you have any questions, or would like some more information about how Bytes Digital can help your business, email hello@bytesdigital.co.uk give us a call on 03331 301 021.

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