August 19, 2020
What is a Fixed-IP SIM Card?

What is a Fixed-IP SIM Card?

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Fixed-IP SIM cards are becoming increasingly popular, with more and more businesses moving to digital, technological environments.

Fixed-IP SIMs enable a whole world of communications beyond the traditional mobile/cellular data connection. But what actually are fixed-IP SIM cards and how they work?

What is a fixed-IP SIM?

A fixed-IP SIM is a SIM card that is assigned a specific, static IP address. This IP address allows the SIM card to maintain a direct, one-to-one connection with another device (normally a web server). Unlike regular mobile SIM cards, fixed-IP SIMs don’t change their IP address.

Regular mobile SIM cards are typically assigned a roaming IP address, along with a few gigabytes of data per month. This is not the case for fixed-IP SIMs, which only use very small amounts of monthly data. This data is used to transfer small lines of code or information to another device.

A fixed-IP SIM may only have around 100Mb of monthly data, which doesn’t sound a lot, but fixed-IP SIM cards make very efficient use of this data allowance.

How do fixed-IP SIMs work?

The way fixed-IP SIMs work is very simple. They send small amounts of data from their device, over a cellular connection to a web server. Using the 3G/4G LTE network, your SIM will send small data packets to your chosen destination.

Fixed IP SIM Diagram
Fixed IP SIM Diagram

The diagram above shows how a fixed-IP SIM card can be used to transfer small amounts of data between your devices and a web server. You can also send a command to your fixed-IP SIM card to reconfigure its setup or get an update on its status.

You can also see from the diagram that data from fixed-IP SIM cards travels over the internet of things (often called the IoT). The IoT refers to the world of connections made up between these different devices.

So, for example, if you have a smart meter in your house, this uses a fixed-IP SIM and the IoT to report that data back to your electricity provider.

What are fixed-IP SIM cards for?

Fixed-IP SIMs have a very specific use case, and that is machine 2 machine connectivity. M2M connectivity is the act of sending these small packets of data from one device/machine to another.

Devices such as smart meters, cars, smart fridges, security cameras and more make use of fixed-IP sim cards. They use this as it means that they can maintain a one-to-one connection with their

Applications of fixed-IP SIMs

Fixed-IP SIM cards are quite specialist, and are only used in very specific scenarios. However, each of these scenarios has many applications within it.

Remote diagnosis

Fixed IP SIM cards can be used to remotely diagnose issues with devices and machinery. The SIM card can relay information to a data centre about the device such as status, location, battery life, usage and more.

A good example of this is Prolectric’s lighting towers. These lighting towers are used on construction sites across the UK, but issues can be remotely diagnosed from their head office without the need for an engineer to visit site.

Remote control

Along with remote diagnosis, fixed-IP SIM cards can be used to remotely control device and machines. By sending specific instructions and codes to your fixed-IP SIM cards, you can make the attached devices perform certain instructions.

An example of this would be in robotics management. Many large businesses are choosing to use automatic robots to move items around warehouses. If there is an issue, then an emergency stop code could be broadcast to the fixed-IP SIM cards inside the robots, to prevent injuries or mishaps.

Benefits of fixed-IP SIM cards

There are thousands of businesses moving to fixed-IP SIM cards. All of these businesses are benefiting from a whole host of advantages of fixed-IP SIMs.

Cost Saving

Using fixed-IP SIM cards could save your business thousands in hours and costs. Using the IoT and fixed-IP SIM cards often eliminates the need for on-site engineers, controllers or managers. This means that you don’t need to worry about their expense or recruitment.

Quicker actions

Fixed-IP SIMs allow your business to take quick action. With real-time data at your disposal, you can seamlessly diagnose and make data-driven decisions promptly to save valuable time. Quicker decisions also give your customers a better experience when using your devices/machines.

If you’re considering moving your business to the internet of things using fixed-IP SIM cards, then give our in-house team a call. They’ll be able to discuss your requirements and understand how we can help your businesses.

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