June 30, 2020
What is Office in a Box?

What is Office in a Box?

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With connectivity one of the most important assets to any business. Keeping in touch with your customers and prospects ensures a smooth running of your business and happy customers.

Businesses that work in temporary locations often struggle with reliable connectivity and communications. But with office in a box, your businesses is always connected, whether you’re on site, running an event or just in a temporary office.

What is Office in a box?

Office in a box is a temporary telecom solution that provides your business with 4G WiFi and VoIP connectivity anywhere in the UK. Using a robust 4G router and a connected VoIP phone, you can make any portable cabin into a fully fledged office setup.

We all know how important telecoms are to a business, whether you’re on a construction site or working from a temporary office, you shouldn’t have to sacrifice your communications.

Our office in a box solution provided both WiFi and voice connectivity, in one neat and complete package. We can even provision you with a local telephone number, so that your customers

How does office in a box work?

Our office in a box solution is plug and play. We’ll provision you a ruggedised 4G router and a VoIP telephone attached. All you need to do is plug it into a standard plug socket and connect your devices.

Office in a Box 4G Router
Office in a Box 4G Router

The router connects to the 4G signal in the area, and uses this connection to provide your VoIP phone with its voice connectivity. It’s a simple solution and has helped businesses across the UK with their temporary telecommunication requirements.

Who uses office in a box?

There are many industries that benefit from our office in a box solution. But here’s some of the most common sectors that use office in a box.

  • Construction sites

As you can probably imagine, construction sites can use on site WiFi and connectivity to connect to their head office, as well as customers and prospects. Downloading architect files and communicating with project managers allows for a more streamlined workflow.

  • Moving offices

If your business is in between offices, ensuring that you have an open line of communication to your customers is important. Our office in a box solution is a great temporary communications solution that allows you to maintain internet connectivity as well as a telephone line while you’re moving offices.

  • Events and festivals

Many festivals and events do not have the facilities for fixed line internet capability. This means that communication can be a problem. Our office in a box solution provides your event with temporary, robust and reliable broadband connectivity and telecoms. This can help with checking tickets, online browsing and even payment machines. It also provides attendees a telephone line that they’re able to call in case of emergency.

  • New homes sales offices

With more new homes being built, it can be hard to keep on top of your sales communications, particularly while on site. However office in a box provides on site sales offices with a great, temporary communications solution. Without the need for a long term fixed line, you can get online quickly and easily. We can even provide a local phone number for customers to call.

Office in a box is a great, all round solution for businesses that require rapid deploy, temporary internet connectivity. For more information, visit our office in a box page.

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