January 30, 2020
How Fast is 4G WiFi?

What are the real-world speeds of 4G WiFi?

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4G WiFi is a great solution for businesses looking for a short-term, reliable WiFi connection. It is ideal for construction sites, temporary events, conferences, railway workers and more.

But one thing we always get asked about our 4G wifi solution is ‘how fast is it’.

In a world that revolves around wireless connectivity, speeds are an important part of any WiFi solution, including 4G WiFi.

What is 4G WiFi?

4G WiFi is essentially what it says on the tin. It’s a WiFi router, that provides your devices with wireless connectivity, but instead of using a fixed line broadband connection to provide this internet—it uses the UK’s 4G network.

4G WiFi is becoming increasingly common due to its fast-deployment and short term contracts. These two features make it ideal for events, construction sites, conferences and more.

The beauty of 4G WiFi is that it is so simple. It only requires a single piece of hardware, which you plug into the wall and then connect to like you would a normal business or home broadband router.

4G WiFi Router

Our 4G WiFi uses an industrial grade router, for extra range and a strong, reliable signal. If signal is patchy, we can supply you an extra antenna to bring a stronger signal into the router, and provide a better, faster connection.

What are the speeds of 4G WiFi?

Many people are concerned about using 4G WiFi because of the speeds. However, they need not be worried. 4G WiFi can achieve speeds up to 40Mbps download, which is just as fast as a standard fibre optic broadband connection.

4G WiFi Speed test
34.4Mbps download speed from our 4G WiFi solution

In fact, some of our customers prefer to use 4G WiFi in rural locations, as they typically suffer from slower fixed line broadband speeds. The beauty of it is that these speeds are realistic and achievable for most businesses.

And if you’re worried about speed, then we can run lots of network tests and provide you with a connection to the fastest available 4G network in your area, whether it be O2, Vodafone or EE.

What do these 4G WiFi speeds mean?

Well these 4G WiFi speeds are great for a multitude of tasks, including browsing the web, sending and receiving emails, downloading and uploading technical drawings (which is quite common—especially among our construction customers), connecting to a cloud software or even making VoIP calls.

Having a good internet speeds is such a critical business asset, as anyone who has suffered from slow broadband will tell you. It helps your business run efficiently and smoothly. 4G WiFi provides those speeds wherever you need them—helping your business stay online wherever you are.

Can I use this for my business?

It’s safe to say that our 4G WiFi solution is not a suitable asset for every business. If you’re solely office-based, then you might benefit better from a fixed line broadband solution. But you may want to use 4G WiFi as a backup to your fixed line connection.

However, if you do lots of events, or attend conferences, exhibitions or are on-site, a 4G WiFi solution is a great option. It helps provide fibre-like speeds with no long term contract and without the requirement for a fixed line to be installed.

4G WiFi has a plethora of benefits—from cost reduction to increased efficiency and better connectivity when out and about. And the speeds speak for themselves. If you would like any more information about our 4G WiFi solution, get in touch, or get your free online 4G WiFi quote here.

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