February 8, 2021
Which Mobile Phone is Best for Business 2021?

Which Mobile Phone is Best for Business 2021?

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We know how important communications are to every business. Whether you’re on the road, working from home, at the office, or on site, you need to stay connected to colleagues, prospects and customers.

As a mobile phone provider and wholesaler, we often get asked which mobile phone is the best for business. The answer: it depends. The best mobile phone for your business will depend on your requirements, budget, use case and quantity.

Business mobiles are a fantastic way to ensure your team are connected—but with so many smartphones on the market in 2021, which mobile phone is best for your business and why?


The big fruit company that need no introduction. Apple pump out mobile phones like they’re going out of fashion. So many, that it can be hard to decide which one is best for your business. But, to help you cut through the noise, here’s our top 3 Apple phones for businesses:

1. iPhone 12 Pro

Apple’s newest flagship iPhone, the 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max, are their top end mobile phones, with the latest chipset and high end specs. The reason that iPhone 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max are ideal for  business is because of their power. These iPhones are perfect for management/director level staff members, as their top-end price can make a large rollout cost prohibitive. 

iPhone 12 Pro for business
iPhone 12 Pro

2. iPhone SE

The iPhone SE, is a smaller, much cheaper option than it’s 12 Pro counterpart. The iPhone SE combines one of Apple’s most recent chipsets with the affordability of older, smaller models. With a price tag below the £400 mark, you can see why it’s so popular.

Many of our customers have rolled-out the iPhone SE across their workforce. The iPhone SE’s affordability and specs make it a great phone for businesses looking to provide a large number to their staff.

iPhone SE for business
iPhone SE

3. iPhone 11

You may be surprised to see last year’s model on this list, but it’s here with good reason. The iPhone 11 may be an older generation phone, but it still packs a big punch—especially considering its price tag.

The iPhone 11 is a great business device for middle management/executives. It’s perfect for those on the go, and won’t break the bank for larger scale rollouts. The other benefit of the iPhone 11, is that; even though it is last years phone, it will continue to be supported by Apple’s iOS updates for a long time coming—making it future proof.

iPhone 11 for business
iPhone 11


One of the world’s largest mobile phone manufactures is Samsung. Samsung produce one of the most diverse ranges of smartphones on the market. From the flagship Galaxy 20 and Note 20’s, to the £279 Samsung M31. Here’s our top selection of the best Samsung mobile phones for your business:

1. Samsung Note 20

Samsung’s flagship Note series has always been a jewel in the crown. The large screen, built-in S Pen and top end cameras make them one of the world’s best smartphones. While they do carry a hefty price tag (as you might expect), they are great for the business owner/director. 

The ability to quickly take notes on your screen, conduct PowerPoints and remotely control the device with the S Pen makes it a powerful business tool for those out and about. Oh, and the new 5G antennas ensure that sending emails, VoIP calling and even video conferencing is effortless.

Samsung Note 20 for business
Samsung Note 20

2. Samsung A20e

Just like the aforementioned iPhone SE, the Samsung A20e is a more affordable, lesser-spec alternative to the higher-end flagship phones. The Samsung A20e has no S Pen, but instead aims for ‘bang for buck’ - retailing at just £169, the A20e delivers great results at a very low costs.

The Samsung A20e is a great device for businesses looking to provide company mobiles. It’s low price, means that a rollout is cost effective. The A20e also has lots of great accessories such as cases and screen protectors. These accessories offer a bit more protection to your device, which is particularly helpful if your employees work on site or on the road.

Samsung A20e for business
Samsung A20e Samsung

3. Samsung Fold

Samsung’s newest addition to their lineup is the Samsung Galaxy Fold. For those not quite up to date with the latest tech, the Samsung Fold is a unique folding phone, where screen completely folds in half like a book.

The reason we’ve put the Samsung fold on this list is because of it’s versatility. The fold offers a large, nearly tablet-sized screen in the footprint of a regular sized phone. This makes it the ideal multi-tasking business tool. Although its price tag may reserve it for director level staff only,  it still comes with a whole host of benefits.

Samsung Fold for business
Samsung Fold

Other notable mentions

Nokia 3310 (yes, really)

What year is it? Yes, we’re really recommending the Nokia 3310 to businesses in 2021—just hear us out. The Nokia 3310 is a great mobile. No bells and whistles, just a plain old mobile phone. It’s rugged, cheap, small and efficient. 

The reason we have the Nokia 3310 on this list is because it’s ideal for those who only need a mobile voice and text communications. It can be rolled out on a very large scale incredibly cheaply, and is very tough against wear and tear. Although it’s not for every business, the Nokia 3310 does have lots of great benefits.

Nokia 3310 for business
Nokia 3310

Microsoft Surface Duo

Just like the Samsung Fold, the Surface Duo is a folding mobile phone. The Duo, as the name suggests, has two separate screens on the inside. This, alongside its Microsoft integration and Office 365 applications make it a business powerhouse—specifically designed for the busy executive whose always on the go.

The Duo is a great tool for business, allowing you to take your business anywhere with its productivity features. One thing to consider is the Duo’s software experience isn’t quite that of its Samsung counterpart. So it might be an idea to try before you buy.

Microsoft Surface Duo for business
Microsoft Surface Duo

Other things to consider when buying mobile phones for your business.

There are a few other things you might need to think about when you’re buying a mobile phone for your business. Arguably, the most important factor to consider is the tariff/SIM you’re going to use.

With so many network operators around, it can be difficult to find the right tariff at the right price for your business. As a business mobile provider, we shop around for you—helping you find the right package for your business mobiles. We can also find bespoke and promotional tariffs to help save your business money.

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