How to set up Teleworking with VoIP

This guide will show how your business can use your Bytes Digital VoIP phone system to work from home.

There are a few different options for teleworking with a VoIP telephone system.

Mobile or tablet app

The VoIP mobile app allows you to make and receive calls from anywhere in the world, as though you were sat at your desk. The VoIP mobile app does not use your mobile number.

1. Download the Office UC mobile app on iOS or Android smartphone.

2. Open the app

3. Sign in using the credentials provided by Bytes Digital. If you do not know your credentials, speak to your account manager.

Desktop app

The VoIP desktop app turns your laptop or computer into a fully-fledged phone, replacing the requirement for a deskphone.

1. Download the Office UC app using the link provided by Bytes Digital. If you don't have a link, speak to your account manager.

2. Install the application on your computer. A member of our support team can help you if required.

3. Sign in using your credentials. If you do not know your credentials, speak to your account manager.

Take your deskphone home

You may also wish to take your deskphone home if this is more convenient. Most home WiFi setups will allow you to connect to your telephone system, however we would recommend speaking to a member of our team to ensure you have the correct equipment.

1. Plug your phone into the wall using a power adaptor. If you do not have a power adaptor, contact a member of our team.

2. Connect to your home WiFi network using either a wired or wireless connection.

Forward calls to your mobile

You can configure your VoIP system to automatically forward all calls to your DDi, straight to your mobile. We have a separate tutorial for that here.

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Please note that this support guide is here to assist users with technical issues. You undertake these steps at your own risk and Bytes Digital Limited is not liable in any way for any malfunctions or other issues caused by users undertaking the steps outlined in this guide. We would encourage customers of Bytes Digital to call us with any support-related enquires.