August 31, 2022
30 Facts About VoIP in 2022

30 Facts About VoIP in 2022

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VoIP is the technology used by most modern businesses for their telephone calls. Using just your internet connection (not a phone line), your business can make, receive , transfer and forward calls between users.

There are a few different types of VoIP Phone system, including 3CX, which is one of the largest and most popular.

As a VoIP provider, we often get asked lots of questions about VoIP—so we've compiled a list of stats and facts about VoIP and how it can benefit your business.

VoIP Meaning

1. VoIP Stands for Voice Over IP

Voice Over Internet Protocol (IP), shortened to VoIP, is the method of making voice calls using a data or broadband connection, rather than a traditional analogue line.

2. VoIP Can save businesses up to 90% 

With little to no call charges, low monthly costs and no lease agreements, businesses can save up to 90% against traditional telephony systems by switching to VoIP.

VoIP Market Graph

3. The global VoIP market is expected to reach £40bn by 2025

VoIP is one of the fastest growing industries, and is expected to reach a global market cap of £40bn by 2025, according to research.

4. Almost 50% of Government organisations use the cloud for communications

A recent study by Gartner states that 50% of Government agencies use the cloud for their technology and communications. This includes cloud telephony.

5. VoIP saves businesses 15% on their IT staffing costs

According to a recent survey, businesses are able to save an average of 15% on their IT staff costs by utilising fully cloud-based technologies such as VoIP telephone systems.

6. VoIP was invented in 1974

Technically, the first VoIP call was made in 1974. Although this was more of a proof of concept than a fully fledged VoIP solution.

3CX VoIP App

7. You don’t need a phone to make a VoIP call

VoIP calls can be made from a mobile softphone, 3CX app, computer and even a tablet—meaning that (if you like), you can do away with traditional phones.

8. VoIP Usage Increased 210% - 285% During the Pandemic

During the COVID-19 pandemic, in 2022, VoIP usage saw an enormous increase of between 210% - 285% says Comcast. This was due to the vast number of home workers.

9. 60% Of customers prefer to do business over the phone

This shows you how important VoIP is to a business. With poor telephony, you could be negatively impacting up to 60% of your potential customers according to BrightLocal.

10. VoIP allows you to work from home

VoIP allows uses to work from home, which is vital in today’s economy. In fact, CNBC reports up to 70% of employees are now working from home at least one day per week.

11. By 2025, every UK home will need to use VoIP

In 2025, when the UK’s ISDN network is switched off, every home in the UK will have to use VoIP for their landline.

12. 65% Of calls from withheld numbers will go unanswered

Don’t let your business suffer from being ignored, with VoIP you can present a professional business number or caller ID when dialling out. This helps avoid the dreaded dial tone. Source: BGR

13. 5,000 FREE UK minutes

Businesses that choose Bytes Digital for their VoIP telephone system will benefit from 5,000 FREE minutes per user per month to UK telephone numbers—essentially eliminating call charges.

14. 45% Of telecommuters love their job

Forbes reports that 45% of workers that telecommute (rather than go to the physical office) love their job. This contrasts with just 24% of office-based workers.

15. 90% Of IT leaders will be purchasing VoIP in the coming years

According to FinancesOnline, “90% of IT leaders will cease purchasing on-premise communication tools” which means they’ll be moving across the cloud hosted and VoIP in the coming years.

16. WhatsApp uses VoIP

One of the most common applications of VoIP is WhatsApp calling—which uses your devices internet connection to make and receive voice calls.

17. VoIP was originally funded by adverts

Believe it or not, VoIP was originally funded by adverts. In the early days (1990’s), VoIP calls had adverts and sponsorships funded by corporations. Of course, this is no longer the case!


18. 62% Of businesses use voice IVR menus

Auto attendants or IVR menus offer customers the option to speak to specific departments or even individuals at the company. Forrester reports that 62% of businesses are now utilising auto attendants and IVR menus.

19. Startups see a 90% startup cost reduction when using VoIP

Startupanz reports that new startup companies save 90% on telephony when they use VoIP. 

20. 67% Of employees find VoIP phone systems easier to use

According to research, 67% of employees find it easier to work with VoIP phone systems, as a posed to traditional on premise solutions.

21. VoIP Can be used for inter-team collaboration

Many businesses use their VoIP phone system to enable better collaboration between team members. Using features such as instant messaging, online meetings, video calling, conferencing and more.

22. The UK VoIP market is regulated by Ofcom

Ofcom, which is the UK governing body for communications and internet regulate the VoIP sector in the UK, ensuring compliance from providers like ourselves.

Good regulation means that consumers and businesses are protected against bad actors and poor quality of service.

23. VoIP Calls are higher quality

VoIP uses a frequency range of 300 - 7000 Hz, which is significantly more than traditional phone calls (which only use 300 -3400 Hz). The higher frequency range gives them better quality than their counterpart.

24. The first VoIP call was one-way

The very first VoIP call in 1974 was only a one-way conversation, with no reply speech. Hardly what we would consider a ‘call’ nowadays.

25. 63% Of startups use VoIP

According to FounderJar, 63% of startups use VoIP as their primary form of communication, with a further 24% planning to implement VoIP soon.

26. 86% Of large businesses say that call security is highly important

Perhaps unsurprisingly, 86% of large businesses and enterprises say that the security of their telephony is of high importance to their cyber security. Don’t let old technology create holes in your security. 

27. 58% Of customers will end their relationship with a brand due to poor customer service

Don’t let poor customer service ruin your sales. A recent study reports that 58% of customers who experience bad service turn their back on the company for good.

28. Call centres using a live chat found it streamlined their customer service

Live chat functionality, like those offer by 3CX, allows call centres to streamline their operations. With 90% of call centres reporting an improvement in workflow and efficiency.

29. Having a professional phone number means you’re likely to earn business from 35.59% of people vs not having one

A study on ‘vanity numbers’ which are catchy, professional telephone numbers make prospects more likely to call and convert. A study by Numberbarn found that 35.59% of people were more likely to call a professional main number.

30. 5G brings with it more availability for VoIP

5G, the successor to 4G, means that more and more places will have fast and reliable connectivity. Those using VoIP mobile apps can take advantage of the ‘work anywhere’ mentality of the modern era.

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