May 21, 2020
Can You Get Temporary Broadband?

Can You Get Temporary Broadband?

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Internet and broadband connectivity is one of a businesses most important assets. It allows them to connect with colleagues, customers and prospects.

However, there are many instances where a business is unable to get a fixed line, permanent broadband solution set up. A prime example are construction sites, or the maritime industry. These businesses require something a little different—temporary broadband.

Can you get temporary broadband?

Yes you can get temporary broadband. Our temporary broadband uses the UK’s vast 4G network to provide your business with temporary broadband connectivity for your devices.

Using short-term contracts, we can ensure that you aren’t tied into a long commitment. Whether you’re on a construction site for 6 months, or hosting an event for 3 days, our temporary WiFi can provide robust broadband connectivity anywhere in the UK.

Temporary wifi for events and festivals
Temporary WiFi is great for events and festivals

What is temporary broadband?

Temporary broadband is exactly what it says on the tin. It’s a short-medium term broadband solution that provides your business with internet connectivity and WiFi.

Where permanent broadband uses a fixed line, our temporary broadband uses a 4G cellular connection and a data only SIM to provide your business with reliable WiFi, for a short period of time.

Temporary broadband router

Many businesses take our temporary broadband solution to their events and conferences, allowing them to stay in touch with the office, and giving them a reliable connection while they’re on the event floor.

Another application of temporary broadband is construction sites. With temporary offices and site cabins, fixed line connectivity is not an option, so many construction sites opt for our temporary broadband solution—including the UK’s largest construction project.

How does temporary broadband work?

Our temporary broadband is a very simple, elegant solution. It uses a single piece of hardware to connect your business to the internet. The router we provide is business-grade and contains the latest technology.

Inside the router, we provide 4G data SIMs. These SIM cards connect to the 4G network and convert the cellular data to a strong WiFi signal that your devices can connect to, just like any other network.

Temporary Broadband Diagram
Temporary Broadband Diagram

There’s no setup involved. It’s a plug and play solution. We’ll pre-configure the router for you, so that all you have to do is unbox it, plug it into a socket and connect your devices.

You can even plug in up to 3 separate ethernet cables. This means devices such as laptops and printers can connect directly into the router for an even stronger connection.

What is the difference between temporary and permanent broadband?

Temporary broadband does have some differences from your normal ‘fixed line’ broadband. Here’s a few of the key differences between the two solutions:

1. Contract Length

Fixed line broadband normally requires a 12-24 month contract. This suits most offices, but is not suitable for businesses that aren’t in one location for a long time—for example constructions sites and festivals/events. Our temporary broadband solution has a contract length to suit your business, whether that’s 6 months, or you’re hiring it for 2 days.

2. Rollout Time

Fixed line broadband can take up to 10 days to provision and install. For a lot of businesses that are on the move, this is too long. The instantaneous nature of temporary broadband means that it can be setup on your site within 24 hours of being purchased.

3. Location

Fixed line broadband is great for fixed premises and normal office buildings. But sometimes, a business might need connectivity away from civilisation, in a more rural location. This is where temporary 4G connectivity comes into its own. With no geographic restrictions (we have up to 99.9% UK coverage from the main network providers), we can provide connectivity to anywhere in the UK.

4. Hired Broadband

It goes without saying that you cannot temporarily hire a fixed line connection on a short term basis. Whereas with our temporary broadband, you can hire the solution if you only need it for a few days.

It goes without saying that temporary broadband has a whole host of benefits. It’s the ideal solution or both events/festivals, construction, maritime, temporary office setups and more. With no long contracts or expensive installation, it might be the most cost effective way to get your business online.

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