February 13, 2020
What is 4G WiFi

What is 4G WiFi?

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In this article, we’ll explore what 4G WiFi is, how it works and what it might be used for.

Most people consider 4G and WiFi to be two separate things. 4G being the cellular connection you have when you’re out and about, and WiFi being the connection you have when you’re at home or in the office.

But a 4G WiFi solution combines these two different method of connectivity.

What is 4G WiFi?

4G WiFi uses a specialist router that connects to the UK’s 4G network and provides your devices with a reliable, fast WiFi connection. 4G WiFi is the ideal connectivity solution used when there is little/no fixed line capabilities nearby.

Typically, in most homes and businesses, there is a physical fixed line running from their premises to the internet. However, with 4G WiFi, this fixed line is removed, replacing it instead with cellular 4G LTE.

Our 4G WiFi solution uses a single, industrial-grade piece of hardware to provide this wireless connectivity to your devices.

4G WiFi Router
4G WiFi Router

This router provides great WiFi speeds using our 4G data SIMs—in fact, some of our clients experience speeds better than their fixed line.

Another difference between fixed line WiFi and 4G WiFi is the contract term. 4G WiFi has a very varied contract term, which means that it can be tailored to short term projects, or provided on a temporary basis. Fixed line connectivity has no such benefit, with contracts lasting up to and over 24 months.

Where might people use 4G WiFi?

Because of it’s high versatility and portability, 4G WiFi is a great option for many different people, from businesses to consumers.


One of the most popular industries to get use from 4G WiFi is construction. With many construction companies opting for this 4G connectivity over a fixed line due to it’s flexible contract length, rapid deployment and mobility.

Home Broadband

If your house has poor fixed line speeds, then opting for a 4G WiFi solution may be a good idea. Houses based far away from their local green street cabinet may find that the 4G speeds exceed that of their fixed line.

Moving Offices

Quite a common application of 4G WiFi is for businesses that are moving offices. If you’re looking to move offices, then keeping connected can be a struggle. However, with a temporary 4G WiFi solution, then you can keep your business online while you move.

Disaster Recovery

We know how important business connectivity is. A lot of businesses lose money if their internet connectivity goes down, even for a short time. However, with a 4G WiFi solution, you can prevent this loss of business and rest easy that you won’t suffer any communication issues.

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