November 19, 2020
Can You Hire WiFi?

Can You Hire WiFi?

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Internet connectivity is one of the most vital assists a business has. Without it, many businesses cannot function fully or at maximum efficiency.

Even the shortest projects often require an internet connection—and it is these short projects where a fixed line broadband connection is not suitable.

Can you hire WiFi?

Yes you can hire WiFi. There are solutions that allow you to hire WiFi on a short-term or temporary basis. These solutions often use the 4G network, rather than a fixed line broadband connection—which makes them ideal for hiring short-term.

For example, our temporary WiFi solution uses the UK’s 4G network to provide reliable connectivity on a temporary basis anywhere in the UK.

4G WiFi For Hire
4G WiFi For Hire

How does hired WiFi work?

Normal business WiFi is provided using a fixed line. This means that there is a physical line going to a building, which carries your data connection. Fixed lines require a physical line installed at the location, and are often tie you into 12 or 24 month contracts; making them unsuitable for short term, temporary or remote projects.

This is where the 4G network can come into play. Our 4G WiFi hire solution uses two simple pieces of equipment to provide strong WiFi to a number of devices such as computers, smartphones, tablets and even printers.

Temporary 4G WiFi Hire Diagram
Temporary 4G WiFi Hire Diagram

Why would you need to hire WiFi?

You may be asking yourself, who would need to hire WiFi? Well, that’s a good question—and one with many answers. Below are some of the most common uses of our temporary 4G WiFi hire solution:


Many construction companies working from portable cabins require WiFi to do their daily job. These portable cabins often do not have a fixed line in place, and so they need something that provides them with internet connectivity while they work.

We currently provide our 4G WiFi solution to construction companies across the UK, including the UK’s largest construction site.


If you’re hosting an event, 4G WiFi hire can be a lifesaving solution. With a 4G WiFi solution, you can connect your event hosts devices to the internet, without needing lots of complicated equipment. While event spaces often provide free WiFi, this can be slow and insecure, adding needless frustration to your event.

Our temporary 4G hire solution is in use at lots of events. From corporate events to gigs and festivals, 4G WiFi hire can provide you with a reliable source of internet connectivity wherever you are, for a short term.

Working From Home

More and more people are working from home—which means that more and more people are relying on their home internet to provide reliable connections to their colleagues and employees. As a Somerset based company, we know all too well that home broadband can be a struggle in rural locations.

This is where our 4G WiFi hire solution comes into its own. We’ve provides our WiFi solution to many businesses who struggle with home broadband connectivity while working from home. Using hired WiFi, important meetings and discussions can take place without the risk of dropouts or quality issues.


If your business holds exhibitions, then hiring a 4G WiFi solution is a great way to provide your exhibition team with their own wireless network.

Our 4G WiFi hire solution allows you to connect lots of devices to the internet, including printers, smart TV and more. This makes it ideal for exhibitions—giving your team reliable access to the internet without having to use the venue WiFi (which is often slow and insecure).

Benefits of hiring 4G WiFi

As you might expect, hiring WiFi comes with a wide range of benefits. Here’s our top list:

1. Plug and play

With no installation required, our 4G WiFi hire solution can be set up in a matter of minutes. We’ll ship a pre-provisioned router, so all you need to do is just plug it into the wall and connect your devices.

2. No contracts

If you’re hiring WiFi, you don’t want to be tied into long contracts. We don’t tie our customers into big contracts or complicated agreements—which means that you can hire our WiFi solution with no fuss and no hassle.

3. Next day delivery

With overnight courier, you can have your WiFi setup in as little as 24 hours. We know that time can often be of the essence, which is why we offer next day shipping free of charge to all of our customers.

4. Cost effective

Hiring 4G WiFi is often a much more cost effective alternative than other forms of internet connectivity. With no long contract terms, hiring your own WiFi solution means that you can keep costs low.

5. Robust connectivity

While short-term projects often don’t have heavy usage, that doesn’t mean you should sacrifice reliability. Our solution provides a more resilient, robust connection that traditional WiFi dongles and hotspot devices.

Hiring a 4G WiFi solution is a great way to get connected while you’re working on a short term project. Whether you’re running an event, working from home or on a construction site, WiFi hire is a low cost, reliable way to get internet access no matter where you are in the UK.

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