June 23, 2020
How to Get WiFi in a Portable Cabin

Here's How to Get WiFi in a Portable Cabin

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We all know how important internet and broadband connectivity is for the day to day running of a business. But if you’re working on site in a portable cabin or temporary building, then getting reliable WiFi can be an after thought.

Whether you’re in a temporary modular building or a portable cabin, our robust temporary WiFi solution can provide you with reliable on site internet and broadband connectivity for as long as you need it.

How to get WiFi in a portable cabin

Getting a reliable WiFi connection in a portable cabin has never been easier. You can turn your portable cabin into a fully fledged office environment with a single piece of hardware. It really is that simple.

4G WiFi Router for Portable Cabins

Our WiFi is specially designed for businesses working out of temporary modular buildings, allowing your team to freely browse the web with ease while on site. We can even connect multiple cabins, using the same hardware.

How does temporary WiFi work?

Here’s how our temporary WiFi for portable cabins works. We provide you with a specially designed 4G router, pre-provisioned by us and ready to go out of the box.

Once you plug your router into a socket, it will automatically connect to the UK’s 4G network. You can connect your devices just like you would with a normal WiFi router. Once connected, your team can download drawings, send emails, browse the web and even make VoIP calls with ease.

Portable Cabin Broadband & WiFi Diagram
Portable Cabin Broadband & WiFi Diagram

What if I have poor signal strength?

With access to the UK’s leading network providers, we can provide your cabin with the best available network for your area. This means that your solution is optimised for your cabin’s location.

However, temporary portable cabins can often act as signal blockers, due to their metal exteriors. That’s why we provide many businesses with a small external antenna that sits outside of your portable cabin. This antenna brings the outside signal inside, meaning that you’ve still got a reliable and strong internet connection inside the cabin.

What are the benefits of WiFi in a portable cabin?

As I said before, WiFi is a very important asset for any business. Having a WiFi connection in your portable cabin allows your on site team to keep in communication with head office and streamlines your operations on site.

  • Downloading drawings

A common application of our temporary WiFi is downloading technical drawings. This allows your team to quickly and easily download updated specifications and information to enable them to quickly implement changes on site.

  • Keeping in touch

Having WiFi in your portable cabins gives your team an open communication channel between customers, prospects and head office. Enabling them to send emails and even make VoIP calls ensures that they’re always connected.

  • Streamlining your operations

As I said before, having WiFi on site can dramatically streamline your operations. It gives you a great way to quickly and easily send and receive important site updates, and gives your team a quicker and easier way to communicate.

For more information about how you can upgrade your portable cabin to a fully fledged office environment with our construction site WiFi solution.

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