November 25, 2020
How Do You Get WiFi On a Construction Site?

How Do You Get WiFi On a Construction Site?

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Internet connectivity and WiFi is one of a businesses most important assets. Whether you’re working on a construction site, or in an office, it is important to ensure that employees have access to reliable, stable WiFi.

How do you get WiFi on a construction site?

The easiest way to get WiFi on a construction site is using a 4G WiFi solution. Because construction sites often have no physical broadband line installed, they don’t have access to fixed-line WiFi connectivity—so they have to use a different method.

A 4G WiFi solution allows employees on your construction site to connect their devices—whether that’s smartphones, computers, tablets or even printers—to the internet without needing a physical fixed line installed. This means that they can work from the comfort of a portable cabin, without the long waits for files to download.

Our 4G WiFi solution is specifically designed for construction environments. A ruggedised router provides business-grade WiFi signal, and an external antenna brings the 4G signal from outside the cabin, inside.

4G WiFi for Construction

Using a 4G WiFi solution is, by far, the best way to get WiFi on a construction site. The only thing you need is a plug socket, and you can connect up to 40 different devices to create your own wireless network on site.

How does construction site WiFi work?

As we mentioned, 4G WiFi is incredibly simple, and that’s what makes it so appealing to construction sites. With only two pieces of hardware and the straightforward plug-and-play setup, you can provide WiFi to your sites in a matter of minutes.

4G WiFi Comparison
4G WiFi Comparison

4G WiFi can help drastically improve your site workflow and productivity. With multiple users able to connect to a reliable WiFi network, you can reduce load times and improve efficiency. 

We all know how vital WiFi is while you’re in an office environment, so don’t let your sites suffer with poor WiFi connectivity.

Why would you need WiFi on a construction site?

There are so many reasons why your construction site might need WiFi. Here’s our top 5:

  • Higher productivity

Construction sites that use 4G WiFi are likely to see improved productivity among their employees.

  • Decreased wait times

Using the 4G network files and downloads will be available quickly for your on site workers. Decreasing the time that they spend waiting for files to download and allowing a more streamlines operation.

  • Portability

Unlike a fixed line WiFi connection, our 4G WiFi solution can be moved around freely. Whether you need WiFi is a different cabin or building, or you want to take the solution to completely different construction site, you’re able to.

  • Networking of devices

Unlike a 4G hotspot, our 4G WiFi solution allows you to create a full WiFi network on your construction site cabins. Being able to connect devices such as printers and VoIP phones to your WiFi network helps you create a fully-fledged office environment on your construction site.

  • Cost saving

Having a 4G WiFi solution in place at your construction site is significantly more cost effective than having a fixed line installed. Not only because we can offer flexible contract lengths, but also because you don’t have to worry about physical line installation costs.

The answer to the question “How do you get WiFi on a construction site?” Is a pretty simple one: 4G WiFi. We’ve got years of experience helping construction companies across the UK connect their portable cabins. For more information, get in touch today, or click ‘online quote’.

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