March 12, 2020
Is VoIP Cheaper than a Landline?

Is VoIP Cheaper than a Landline?

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VoIP is the replacement for traditional analogue telephone services, such as ISDN and telephone landlines. It is fast becoming the standard for business and consumer communications.

Naturally, one of the first questions that many people ask is “is VoIP cheaper than a landline?” Because cost is important to businesses and consumers, so it’s worth asking how you can save money.

Is VoIP cheaper than a landline?

Yes, VoIP is cheaper than a landline telephone. This is because VoIP uses your existing broadband connected, rather than a dedicated telephone line. Because it uses the internet, VoIP can eliminate call charges and line rental, making it a considerable cheaper alternative to traditional land lines.

VoIP services also offer included minutes (for example, our services has 5,000 free minutes per user). These included minutes help to further reduce the cost of VoIP by reducing (if not eliminating the costly call minutes associated with a landline.

What is the difference between VoIP and a Landline?

At their core, VoIP and landlines are the same thing. They both allow you to talk to another party using a telephone.

Chances are you already know what a landline is. It’s a piece of cable that is designed to specifically transmit your voice down the telephone network. On one end is your phone, and on the other end is another phone.

VoIP is essentially the same as this, but instead of having a physical connection between the two telephones, it has the internet.

VoIP vs landline diagram
VoIP vs Landline Diagram

As you can see, this diagram shows you how each of the two technologies work, VoIP using the internet and landlines using the telephone network.

Who can benefit from VoIP?

Both businesses and consumers can make the move to VoIP. Even if not for the cost saving measures, but for the features.

Because it goes through the internet (like we’ve shown in the diagram), VoIP can make use of cloud telephone systems. These telephone systems are internet-based platforms that don’t need on-site hardware to function. They also offer a massive feature set, improving your call flow and helping your business to effectively manage your telephony.

It’s not just businesses that can use VoIP. Consumers are also moving to VoIP too. With free calls and no line rental, it’s easy to see why many house holds across the UK have already made the move.

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