March 16, 2020
Set up your Phone to Work From Home

Set up your Phone to Work From Home

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Working from home is a very hot topic at the moment, and businesses are preparing to send staff to work from home.

While working from home, communication is important, both with customers and other staff members. There are a few different options for businesses looking to work from home regarding their telephones.

Set up your phone to work from home

From a telephony point of view, working from home is very simple. There are a few different things you can do to enable you to work from your home.

Use the VoIP mobile app

Arguably the most simple of all the options is to use the VoIP mobile app (for iOS and Android). This app allows you to take your telephone system with you wherever you go. It gives the user the ability to make and receive calls from their smartphone.

You can also transfer, forward, hold or park calls, just as you would with a normal desk phone. If your telephone system has call recording, then calls made through the app will also be recorded.

Oh, and the app also works on a tablet too.

VoIP Mobile app
Use the VoIP mobile app for home working

Use the VoIP desktop soft-phone app

If you don’t want to use your mobile to work from home, you can turn any computer or laptop into a phone with the VoIP desktop app. It works in a similar way to the aforementioned mobile app, but instead of using a mobile, it uses your computer.

It allows you to connect to your telephone system and make and receive calls right from your computer. This means that if you’re working from home, you won’t be cut off from your communications.

Remote dial-in

Another option for home working is giving staff the option to dial into their system. This effectively turns any deskphone into their extension.

For example, if a member of staff had a deskphone in the office, and then also took one home, they could use a username and password to connect their home phone to their telephone system. All of their call logs, speed dials and other features would be automatically downloaded to their home phone, so they could continue on as normal.

Take your deskphone home

Taking your phone home is a very simple way to work from home. With a VoIP phone, all it needs is an internet connection to make and receive calls. This means that you can connect your telephone to your home WiFi and continue as though you were sat in your office.

Divert all calls to mobile

In the worst case scenario, you can have all your business calls diverted to a mobile number. Whilst this does limit features such as call holding, transferring and dialling out, it does still prevent your business from losing call traffic. By diverting calls to mobile, you will send any callers straight to your mobile phone, so they don’t ‘drop off’.

Overall, using the cloud dramatically reduces the complexity of remote working, giving much more mobility to those working from home. If you’re looking to move users to the cloud to increase mobility, contact our team today.

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